Boris in pink (for Pride)

It is London Pride tomorrow, or Pride London as it has been re-branded in this topsy turvy world. In honour of that, we give you this guest post by Jogo.

This is droll. The drollest thing about it is, what makes everybody think that a pink cowboy hat is gay? Can you imagine Hart Crane or André Gide wearing a pink cowboy hat?

Boris is making himself look like an idiot so that the silly queens in this parade think he is cool.

This is thought to be progress. In what sense?
I don't think it's progress. Progress would be more people reading Gide.

Here is one more example of the stupidity and profound insecurity of the PC majority-class (white, say; straight, say) of person. They will swallow any shit that a black/gay/whatever "other" hands to them on a plate. Or even that he throws at them.

Go ahead, Boris you schmuck. Show us how pro-gay you are. Put that hat on.


noisms said…
Alternatively, this photo shows Boris has a sense of humour and a willingness to laugh at himself, which po-faced self-righteous guest bloggers apparently don't have. I know whose attitude I prefer.
Will said…
I fucking hate the tory cunT boris but this post is fucking shit beyond belief.

Your mate Jogo is full of cuntishness.
A very mean-spirited post. Boris is just having a bit of fun. Lighten up.
bob said…
Glad to see Will and Marko in agreement about something. And it feels good that I helped bring that about.
Stonewall Inn 1969 said…
I cannot see where the problem is with this hat...

Is it bad being "pro-gay"?

And the part about the "silly queens"...

Well, Bob, I find that quite offensive.

I feel sorry for you and this Mr Jogo, because I like your blog: you have a humanistic view on (most) things.

Well, we all have our weaknesses I guess.

BTW, I'm gay, though I never had the occasion to wear a pink hat, but I own a kippa (would Jogo describe me as a "silly pro-jewish" guy? I hope not)

Gays are not the enemy, try to relax.
bob said…
Stonewall Inn,

I won't speak for Jogo, who hopefully might reply himself here.

However, he never said there is anything wrong with being pro-gay. (In fact, if this is relevant, I believe that he was there at Stonewall in 1969.) He is talking about the way that Boris pandered to a particular image of being "pro-gay". If Boris had gone to the Israel 60 events in London, say, or if Ken had turned up at Simcha on the Square, and they had worn a kippa, you could have said the same thing.

Except the difference is, wearing a kippa is actually Jewish, while wearing a pink cowboy hat isn't actually gay, as your own case testifies.

For myself, I hate Boris, but I quite liked the image of him wearing a pink cowboy hat, and I quite liked it when he said to Johan Hari "I'm a polymorphous pervert". I like the fact that Boris can laugh at himself, something most politicians can't do. (Ken is good at it as well of course.)

However, I think that any "pro-gay" image that Boris tries to convey is duplicitous pandering. As Hari notes, just a few years ago he was a strong supporter of the homophobic Section 28, ranted against “Pulpit Poofs” in his columns, and compared civil partnerships to marrying a dog.

(P.s. the word verification Blogger is asking me to type is "preducky", which will make any frequenter of the Vauxhall tavern smile.)
Anonymous said…
so how many of the tory gla members voted for reppeal of clause 28
when local councillors in the 1980s

not one including the two out gay tory gla members
bob said…
Peter Tatchell writes:

London – 30 June 2009

“Although I am a Patron of Pride London, Mayor Boris Johnson barred me from his Pride launch reception at City Hall last night. Why?

“Pride London Chair Paul Birrell twice requested that I and others be sent invites. His requests were ignored.

“The Pride Committee has confirmed to me that the Mayor’s office took over the invite list and ignored its recommendations about who to invite.

“Was I excluded because I recently criticised the Conservatives for joining a right-wing European Parliament grouping that includes the homophobic and anti-Semitic Polish Law and Justice Party?

“Do I care? Not really. I am not campaigning for LGBT human rights to win awards or invites.

“But I am disturbed that many other Patrons of Pride London and hard working Pride London volunteers were also not invited.

“Tory LGBTs got plenty of invites.

“Is Boris manipulating the Pride events for party political advantage?”
bob said…
And, on the 40th anniversary of Stonewall, perhaps thinking of Boris in a pink hat, Tatchell wrote:
"The LGBT community's retreat from radicalism signifies a huge loss of confidence and optimism. It has succumbed to the politics of conformism, respectability and moderation. What a shame. GLF dared to imagine what society could be, rather than accepting society as it is – and so should we."

By the way, I hate the words "The LGBT community". WTF is that? The Muslim community. The Jewish community. The anything community. Seems to me that the conjunction of the words "The" and "community" is just about one of the most dangerous in our society. Queer mutiny, not gay community, as Queeruption like to say!
Queer and disorderly said…
Alternatively, this photo shows Boris has a sense of humour and a willingness to laugh at himself, which po-faced self-righteous guest bloggers apparently don't have.

Bollox. Quite obviously, the lack of humour is from the commenters who cannot see that "Jogo" is having a bit of fun.

Progress would be more people reading Gide.

Damn right. What would Jean Genet say if he saw Boris Johnson in a pink cowboy hat? He would puke if he saw the corporate carnival that "Pride" has become, if he saw the politicians jumping over each other to be pro-gay-er than thou, if he saw the, yes, silly queens making idiots of themselves.
jogo said…
You aiight, Queer and Disorderly.
Stonewall Inn 1969 said…
thank goodness you won't have to march with us!

we'll keep our disorder, aka "queenish sillyness syndrome", among ourselves and our friends

see you (not, obviously)

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