bob said…
On a related note (I can't be bothered to give this a post of its own), have you seen Wight's latest:

Amnesty International have just released its report into their findings of Israel’s 22-day assault on Gaza back in January. Among its recommendations, it calls for an investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by both Israel and Hamas. It also calls for an arms embargo to be placed on Israel and Hamas, along with recommendations to the Israeli government vis-a-vis its rules of engagement.

In its attempt to accord both parties equal status in this conflict, and in its recommendations, Amnesty International have disgraced themselves. Recommending that a people who’ve been systematically starved, terrorised, immiserated and reduced to the status of untermenschen by an industrially advanced state utilising the most advanced weaponry available, a state which has violated more UN resolutions than every other UN member state combined during its existence, recommending that such a people should give up the means to defend themselves is an insult to the very concept of justice.

The Palestinian people have the legal and moral right to resist the illegal occupation of their land, not to mention the continuing policy by the state of Israel of starving them into submission.

The Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto had the same right, and indeed history rightly accords their struggle against Nazi barbarism heroic.

Those Palestinian men and women who resisted the Israel war machine back in January with nothing more than pitifully small arms and brave hearts are also heroes.

More than that, their cause is the cause of humanity in our time.

I think this qualifies as what Deborah Lipstadt calls "softcore Holocaust denial".
David Schraub said…
Lose the link and lose the comment. Harsh!

But I like your site anyways.
bob said…
Sorry David, I got myself all twisted up. But am adding you to my blogroll!

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