Seven loveable things

This has been sitting in my drafts for over a month now. Rosie tagged me with this thing, where all you have to do is
  • List 7 things I love
  • Tag 7 other people
So, here we go:

1. My family.
2. Relaxing. Ideally on a beach, with an unbroken blue sky, a light breeze, facing West into a perfect blue ocean, perhaps the Indian Ocean...
3. A really good book. Something that transports you from wherever you are to somewhere special.
4. Children being happy.
5. Good music.
6. Good food. Ideally eaten outdoors. Ideally eaten outdoors in a Southern European country. Ideally with something chilled and alcoholic to wash it down with. I'm thinking Carne de Porco à Alentejana (ultra-treyf, I know) with some ice cold Sagres.
7. Being slightly drunk.

My victims: Noga, Ms Flesh, Dr Meenagh, Kellie, George, The Goon, The Freeborn. No obligations, and apologies if you've done it already and I missed it! If you need inspiration, here's some.


Martin Meenagh said…
Dr Meenagh? I am honoured. Still, I accept the challenge, Commodore Bob.

I'm not sure that I can name seven people whose knowledge of the accretion of each other in the same sentence wouldn't have them sending death threats to me!
bob said…
Thanks Noga and Martin for being so prompt and so interesting. Will add links soon!
Rosie said…
"Being slightly drunk" - I'd say I love being post first pint, dislike being post third pint, despair at the next morning post fifth pint, and hate other people being post seventh pint, especially if they're talking to me or near me.
bob said…
The first is always the best! Second is nearly as good. After that, returns diminish rapidly... I'm on a red wine hangover today. With wine, I find it easier to stay at the perfect equilibrium for longer.

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