Provisional meme progress report

I'm off for a few weeks, although I've scheduled some stuff for while I'm away. As my parting act, here's a quick update on the three memes I've been involved in recently.

Seven spring songs

This is quite a while ago now, but... It came from The New Centrist and I responded here. Great responses from Richard, Graeme, George and the Scribblist. No responses from Hak Mao, Papa Z or Transpontine, though I'm not bitter.

Seven lovable things

This came from Rosie. I responded rather slowly, here. Of my tagees, I got responses, all of which I'd recommend, from Major Martin M, Noga, Snoop and Fleshy. Am still waiting for Kellie, George and The Freeborn (although, again, I won't hold it against them if I never get a reply!)

Five words

This one came from Jim and my response was here. It was a self-tagging thing. Of the people I gave words to, I got a great bunch of responses from Schalom Libertad, TNC and Waterloo Sunset. I'm still waiting (unless I missed them) for Martin, Noga, History is Made at Night, Sojournin' Mike and the Social Republican. And this time I will hold it against them.


kellie said…
I haven't forgotten! It's all done ion my head . . .
Its over at mine, Bob.

Proper Soz, like.
Noga said…
Bob: I'm away augusting in Israel these days and for the life of me cannot concentrate on my five words. Will meet my cyber obligations once back in the cooler weather.
bob said…
Thanks SR. No obligations Noga.

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