I always ignore the ads Blogger places before my while I'm posting, but one caught my eye and I clicked through to Muslims Against Anti-Semitism, an initative of Faith Matters.

Moving on, this is a bit obscure, but will mean something to my fellow ex-AFA veterans: a review of Joey Owens' "Race war to Door wars". And on similar lines, Paul Stott versus Searchlight. While we're at it, here's Paul Stott versus the No Borders camp, and Paul Stott versus 7/7 conspiracy theorists.

Talking of antisemitism and conspiracy theory, remember Nick Kollerstrom? He's popped up again, at Conway Hall, redoubt of the bearded left, reports Johnny Void, who later, you'll be happy to hear, reports the event's cancellation. However, the meeting happened anyway, in a rather bizarre form, as an intrepid Indymedia reporter reports.

The Void also reports on something I have mentioned before, but not been following closely enough, the occupation of Lewisham Bridge Primary School, down the road from me. As far as know, they're still on the roof. Any more up to date news gratefully received in the comments.

And talking of old friends like Nicholas Kollerstrom, remember Red-Pink Nadine Nadine Rosa-Rosso? Well, Habibi reports that she is back in London, sharing a stage with a number of representatives of murderous theocratic paramilitary outfits - a “Hezbollah representative” and Djab Abou Jahjah via video link from Lebanon [and] Azzam “Kaboom” Tamimi, as well as John Rees of the “Stop the War Coalition”. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but even I thought John Rees had more sense... And here's another old friend: Michelle Renouf.

Changing the subject, I have up to now refrained from saying anything about Honduras, because it is a subject I really know nothing about (plus, Snoopy told me not to worry). However, the more I read, the more outrageous the coup sounds. Amending the constitution to suspend basic freedoms, the violent suppression of the press, disappearing democratically elected municipal officials and replacing them with close relatives of the pretend president... I think the White House are calling it right when they say "This administration has been very clear that a coup is a coup. And there are no good coups and bad coups."

Finally, two from Left Luggage: a reason to be cheerful, and a very interesting post on liberal and marxist orthodoxies in relation to "anti-social behaviour".


SnoopyTheGoon said…
Re Honduras, Bob - a coup is a coup indeed, however (A joo must say "however", you will agree) don't you feel that both sides are trampling constitution equally, both promising bright future and both lying through their teeth?

A person not torn between the two bad choices usually on offer in Latin America is a person too sure of the world picture.

And re OAS vote: don't you feel a bit dizzy seeing 31 hands out of 31 raised?
ross said…
was a bit of discussion about owens's book on meanwhile at the bar, which joe himself took part in
bob said…
Thanks Ross.

Snoop, I not "not torn": I don't think that Zelaya has been a particularly good thing for Honduras, and certainly he has an authoritarian/megalomaniac tendency. But I don't think the constitutional tramplings have been equal. He wanted to extend the presidential term (bringing it in line, for example, with the UK and Israel), and on one occasion forced some media outlets to screen his speech. The coup has suspended some really basic rights and forced media outlets to screen their material (while violently shutting down some others). So, I think the scales are tipped one way not the other.
bob said…
On Honduras, see also Flesh is Grass.
SnoopyTheGoon said…
Er... Boob, I didn't mean you not being torn - it was a general observation, maybe trite at that. In fact, I don't see a disagreement between us on most items. It is just that in the circumstances I would still sit it out on the fence... sorry, it's not that comfortable here, but I keep seeing Hugo's smiling mug...
Waterloo Sunset said…
Wow. Matthew Collins really doesn't come out of that well. Even leaving my obvious partisanship to one side, he's just remarkably bad at defending himself.

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