Gnome Chomsky 3: Illiterate graffiti for a post-literate age

Continuing my monthly series of garden Noams.

From Jeff Trexler:

Gnome Non-Chomsky, originally uploaded by samwibatt.
Graffiti in Salt Lake City apparently tries to go for a Gnome Chomsky joke, but the artist appears to confuse intellectuals--though Chomsky's propaganda model resonates with McLuhan's media theory, "the medium is the message" is, of course, not a quote from Chomsky, but McLuhan.
Check back the 1st of next month


Martin Meenagh said…
well, every global village has an idiot, I suppose. Hope all is well Bob!
ModernityBlog said…
I like this lay out, but WP is better, go on Bob, be a radical and change!

Your timing was impeccable, Chomskites are tedious, I had a pair on my blog within the last day :(

It was like trying to explain compassion to a toadstool, utterly pointless and a bit frustrating along the way.
bob said…
Glad you like the new lay out. I don't particularly like it, but was hating the narrowness of the main column in my old template, which meant that long posts high up completely hid any older posts. One of the many features of Wordpress which is superior to Blogger is the continue below the fold feature, whatever that's called. Unless anyone can tell me how to do that in Blogger? But I'm a bit too change-averse to change my address at this age (just having passed the blog's 5th birthday).
ModernityBlog said…
sorry Bob, but I thought I had explained it before.

1. You sign up for Wordpress account.

2. WP offers to import the old one

3. WP reformats it, and takes over the whole blogspot, leaving the original in place.

4. You can then fine tune the new WP one, until you migrate.

5. You leave a link on the old blog forwarding to the new one.

6. Easy.
bob said…
Yeah, I know... I will do it someday! By the way, couldn't find the Chomskyian comenters
ModernityBlog said…
The Chomsky geniuses were querying a very, very small post I wrote in 2006!

Bottom right-hand side has a history of recent comments, which should have made it easier.

Here's the link and to be honest it is exceedingly boring with their feeble arguments and deflections, so my heart is not really in it.
kellie said…
An explanation of 'below the fold' on Blogger here. I've never tried it, though.
bob said…
For a second, Kellie, I thought you'd changed my life. I didn't know about the new post editor, which I have now switched to, and it is actually, I think, superior to Wordpress. BUT when I inserted an after the jump thing into an old post, for some reason there's nothing to click on to tell you there's something to jump... This will clearly require more time than I have today!
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