Unlike Mod and the CiFWatchers, I remain loyal to The Guardian. I find it hard to imagine switching allegiance. I've had the stuff below sitting in my drafts box for a while, waiting for the right moment. Alas, that moment may never come, due to a recent experience of the first name on my list.

Some Guardianistas I like (if not without reservations)

Geoffrey Alderman, Nancy Banks Smith*, Martin Bright, Brian Brivati, Charlie Brooker, Julie Burchill, David Cesarani, Nick Cohen, Jenny Diski, Simon Fletcher, Conor Foley, Jonathan Freedland, Norman Geras, Linda Grant, Rahila Gupta, Dave Hill, David Hirsh, Christopher Hitchens, Sunny Hundal, Rupa Huq, Ed Husain, Armando Iannucci, Howard Jacobson, Alan Johnson, Nicholas Lezard, Rebiya Kadeer, Wu'er Kaixi, Keith Kahn-Harris, Oliver Kamm, Paul Kingsnorth, Hari Kunzru, Denis MacShane, Nesrine Malik, Caspar Melville, Hilary Mantel, David Mitchell, Maryam Omidi, Jenni Russell, Asim Siddiqui, Joan Smith, Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, Roma Tearne, Massoumeh Torfeh.

Suggestions for more?

Update: a disavowal from Norm!


jams o donnell said…
Good God man you've forgotten Seumas Milne!

I jest of course. To use a favourite expression of my old mum, I wouldn't give him the steam off my piss!
kellie said…
For many years Francis Wheen's column was a favourite of mine in The Guardian; too many years ago for him to have a contributor page on the website though.
ModernityBlog said…

In one respect I agree with you, changing from the Guardian to the Independent would be excruciating.

But as an social science experiments,
next time you go on a demo with some "revolutionaries", count how many of them have a liberal newspaper under their arm!
Harry Pearson is worth the price (and the idiocy elsewhere) alone

"Hell is having a paper that doesn't annoy you"
Araucaria, Logodaedalus, the late Taupi and their colleagues on the cryptic crossword.....
Of course! Kakuro! (Tho the bastards only put in on a monday and a Friday)
What's New? said…
Their knitting patterns in the craftsters' supplement are yuk. But at least they have some.

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