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Max has been blogging incredibly prolifically late, and any Lewishamites among my readers should check it out: crazy golf in Hither Green, Mayor Bullock's school place idiocy, sentimental attachment to un-regenerated Lewisham, the possible imminent death of another great local pub, it's all there folks.

And a little newer in the localsphere, Green Crofton Park, whose main author's other blog is already on my roll. Topics include: fear of crime, ghost trains, Brockley as a transition town. Hat tip: Sue.

(Nice and ecumenical me: that's one Lib Dem and one Green. For balance, there is the People Before Profit party standing for Lewisham Mayor, and the Socialist Party campaigning in Telegraph Hill. Still, I'll be voting Labour this year.)

I already linked to this tirade against "tedious trade union turncoats" by Julie Burchill. I forgot, though, to mention her mention of the battle of Lewisham:
I suppose I haven’t really moved on, intellectually, from when I was 17 and broke ranks to run at the National Front, as they were marching through Lewisham, screaming: “You hate Jews, you will die!” and coming this close to being crushed by a police horse.
But then I have not changed sides, either, unlike a lot of other so-called left-wing people who certainly have — by becoming the kind of antisemitic fascist who has driven so many good socialists out of the UCU.*

Less politically, I have added the Brockley Jack Film Club to the blogroll. Here's why.

(Image: Malpas Road, c/o Nick Barron, from here.)
*Hyperlinks added. -B.


Anonymous said…
Hi Bob, great thanks for the link, I saw this unusaul nght traffic in my stats "what's going on?". Nice surprise before going to bed.
I've been into blogging quite a lot recently indeed, and I doubt the wave will stop soon. Good to know you've been reading. I've been reading yours.