Blog housekeeping

First, a welcome to some newer members of the Axis of Bob:

Youth Against Fascism: This is a blog by a young Canadian of the Harryish political tendency. From the first post:

When I was in Grade 12 (that is, 2002-2003), my politics were almost purely negative: anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-capitalist, anti-globalization etc. I would have called myself a socialist, but my actual understanding of the word was limited. In the course of rethinking my position on Iraq, I have been led into rethinking my positions on almost everything, and drawing new conclusions. In order to reach better conclusions, I have tried to become more informed, and I have in many cases returned to the so-called "classic" texts of Marxism.

Rua da Judiaria: I might have mentioned this blog before, a Portuguese langauge Jewish blog. I don't actually speak Portuguese, but I can read enough to know this would have good content if I could understand it, so I'm pleased to be linked to by them.

To the Tooting Station: A blog I've mentioned in the past. Currently featuring a good piece on Chomsky's letter about his Guardian interview.

Myopic Thoughts I've been linking to a while, but I don't think I've formally welcomed them to the Axis of Bob.

Slightly lost in the world I'm adding to the Sarf London section of the links. Check out this cycling soundtrack for South London.


Next up, I've added a couple of other blog links over on the right.

Adloyada is a blog I've been watching for a while, positioned somewhere between the Harry tendency and the Melanie Phillips tendency.

Rachel from North London is a wonderful blog from a survivor of 7/7.
Update: Link reciprocated. Thanks Rachel, and welcome to the Axis of Bob.


I've added the "links to this post" thingy to the site. I might take it off again, depending if it just becomes embarassing in showing how few people link here.

I've finally decided to add word verification for comments. I got sick and tired of all the IPod, investment, viagra, scientology, etc sites using the comments for advertising. Sorry to those who have to put in the extra effort to leave a comment; hope it doesn't discourage anyone.


Talking of comments, there are one or two on this site worth checking out (in my humble proverbial). Andrew Brown left some thoughts on my Blair's Thatcherism post. Andrew's political enemy Max Calo left a great picture of some Ladywell street signage.
I think that's all I wanted to say.


TM said…
Thanks for Link Bob.

Glad you like my taste in Music, I'll be adding my 'way-home' selection on there soon.

Slightly. xx
Rachel said…
Thanks for the support and link Bob!