Naked Musharraf, Panther Harry and Norman Britain

Top searchs this week:

Naked musharraf: due to my post on George Bush (not) asking a Pakistani insensitive jerk to strip off his uniform. But who'd want to see what that looks like?

White panther prince harry: apparently, white panther is the name of a cocktail favoured by the Nazi-dressing prince, and not just a radical group of the 1960s...

Norman Britain was different because: this is a bit baffling. I think it's becuse I mention Norman G so often.


By the way, I've been messing around with the stuff over to the right---> What do you reckon?


(Added Monday:) An update on Reality Cafe's google-bombing project: there is some success to report. The saviour of Pakistan is the first hit for the words "insensitive jerk" on Yahoo, Dogpile, Vivisimo, Alltheweb & Metacrawler, and number 4 on MSN. The bad news: 1) nowhere near the top at google. 2) the President's website now has earthquake relief in Pakistan as its title, which makes the google-bombers seem like the insensitive jerks now...


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