South London Blog round-up November 05

Continuing this irregular series with...

lewisham news:
Pics of the newly revamped Venue in New Cross. If only they'd revamp their music policy too. (Fond memories of seeing Gary Clail, Little Annie and African Headcharge there. Now it's all Oasis cover bands playing to drunken Kentish suburbanites. Not that I have any thing against drunken Kentish suburbanites as such, but...) And a little thing on Charlie Richardson from The Scotsman.

Kinuk in Poland:
A lovely photo of a street in the Brockley conservation area in the sunshine and of some Brockley rooftops.

Peter Black AM: Fair comment
On Mark Morris (Liberal Democrat councillor in Lewisham) and his legal victory over the fascist BNP. (Found via Andrew B.)

Chris Brauer Media Project: Sociology of racism in Brockley
This is pretty old, so I don't know how I missed it. A very interesting sketch of gentrification and racial segregation in Brockley.

Skitster on Flickr:
Forteans in Brockley. (Not that Alex Hodson, Brixtonian folk musician and anarchist, is a Fortean.) Other flickristas: 24db: South of the River on Flickr (a rather SE1-centric view of South London -altho' at least better than this twat who thinks Clapham is in the bowels of Sarf London) and Darryl_SE7 (some good Deptford stuff). And here is Skitster's LiveJournal. Parochial tags to check include Telegraph Hill and Greenwich.

The Clive Bull Fanclub:
a correct definition of Sarf London.

Knowhere: Lewisham Local Heroes, Famous Residents
Not a blog, but reader-written: celebrities (sort of) who hail from round here, including Kate Bush (or not -I think it's true. She certainly played here, e.g. in the Rose of Lee, in her early years), Matthew Kelly, Gabrielle, Mica Paris, Tim Roth, Spike Milligan, Linda Barker and Timothy Spall (all Brockley/Honor Oak), Francis Rossi of the Quo (Catford I think), left-wing children's writer Edith Nesbit and right-wing children's writer Henry Williamson (they were going to name the Brockley Barge after Tarka the Otter, until someone told Weatherspoon's he was a fascist), Eleanor Marx (is that true?).

Some other gems: Spike Milligan said "I'd like to go to heaven, but if Jerrfey Archer is there I'd rather stay in Lewisham". "Louise (that singer from Eternal, now more famous for getting her jugs out for FHM) was born in [Lewisham] Hospital." "Former Labour Home Secretary Herbert Morrison (grandfather of Peter Mandelson) was MP for Lewisham East after the war. Sidney Webb (founder of the Fabian Society and Labour's First Trade Secretary) was the member for Deptford on the London County Council in the early 20th century."

Wikipedia adds Natasha Beddingfield among others.

My addition: Raji James aka Ash Ferreira in Eastenders gets his hair cut at George's in Crofton Park. Gabrielle used to get food from the Dutch Pot just along from George's, but that's closed now, to make way for another bloody Chinese.

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Anonymous said…
I used to love all that on-u-sounds sort of stuff, and saw Tackhead a couple of times in the early nineties (not at the Venue though).

I keep on mentioning that Sid Viscous was born in Lewisham, but no one seems that interested. Or indeed that Jim Connell wrote Red Flag while commuting to New Cross.

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