From around the blogs: queers and Muslims

Kind of a common thread to do with shifting alliances and antagonisms over gay rights and homophobia, Islamofascism and Islamophobia (or, rather, 'Islamofascism' and 'Islamophobia'), and the Galloway/Tatchell battle:

DIRELAND: Galloway v Tatchell, Solidarnosc and homophobia, gay refugees from Iran, etc

Real socialists v Respect 3: The Weekly Worker on the Galloway gang

SEIXON: Galloway Old School Remix

Marc Cooper: Greaseball Gobbler On Doug Ireland plucking Cooper's favorite turkey

Even the anti-war leftists at LGF Watch agree Galloway is anti-gay (see also here and here) Rabbi Yoffie's Nazi Gaffe Vs. Pat Robertson's Gaffes (Who is allowed to call someone a Nazi?) and Bush Bombed Serbia while still governor of Texas On Simon Jenkins' idiocy (To add to liberal infoolectual list?)

keshet: Manifesto for sexual diversity in Judalism

Johann Hari: Why I hate Little Britain [via freedmanslife]

Small Town Scribbles: dialogue on a burka [Follow-up at Talk Politics, plus response from Scribbles]

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Anonymous said…
LGF Watch isn't just a bunch of anti-war lefties. There are a couple of different voices there.
bob said…
Point taken! But I don't consider being an anti-war leftie a bad thing as such. As a not-particularly-pro-war leftie, I prefer to read anti-war lefties criticising the likes of Galloway than hearing the more predicatable attacks from conservatives.
Anonymous said…
As someone who's helped out at LGFW and support their stand against LGF (and other mad-as-hell bigots), I can confirm that I'm not an anti-war leftie. I'm a dubious-about-the-war left of centre conservative who happens to be Jewish. Which is basically gibberish, but I'm sticking to it.