99th best left-wing blogger in the universe ever

I'm glad to have made (just: I'm in the "91 to 100" section) the Socialist Unity One Hundred Best Left Blogs list (actually 101, Andy humble enough to exclude his own blog from the list). (And, for my trans-Atlantic readers, this is left blogs from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.)

I confess I am new to both the number 1 and number 2, both Irish: Cedar Lounge and Splintered Sunrise, and have to say I am very unimpressed by Splintered Sunrise, with its snide attacks on the "decent left" - although I liked this post on the SWP and Che. There were several others I hadn't heard of, and among those I liked The Scottish Patient, Madam Miaow says, Consider Phlebas and My Random Thorghts.

Some of my favourites are there, including Dave's Part, Shiraz Socialists, Ian Bone, The Early Days of a Better Nation, Three Score Years and Ten, The Soul of Man Under Socialism, The Daily (Maybe), Hak Mao, Gauche, A Cloud in Trousers, The Bristol Blogger, the Popinjays, General Theory, Modernity, and Kathedar.

And there are some that I haven't visited for a while - like KitNotes, Reasons to be Impossible, From Despair to Where?, Whatever Happened to Leon Trotsky? - that I'll have a better look at.

I was suprised not to see Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Republic, Inveresk Street Ingrate, Virtual Stoa, Shuggy's Blog, Never Trust a Hippy and The Poor Mouth.


Meanwhile, you can also check out the Torygraph's bizarre list of influential leftists (left meaning Labour Party, with one or two exceptions), or Iain Dale's list of 100 left of centre bloggers, which I'm pleased to see includes Baggage Reclaim.


Imposs1904 said…

I was robbed.

That, or the fact that I now live in Brooklyn.

Don't worry, nobody would guess that I'm Stateside from reading the blog. I'm that annoying type of ex-pat who's more interested in what's going on in Manchester, as opposed to Manhattan ;-)
ModernityBlog said…
funny, I didn't even know I was listed by SU,

given my previous run-in with Andy Newman, I expected to be listed under "running-dog lackey of world Zionism and Olmert", but still I'll take whatever I can get, altho I hate being listed anywhere never Respect and JSF!
Anonymous said…
You never actually said what you thought about us...
bob said…
To be honest, I didn't look very closely at Cedar Lounge Revolution when SU gave it the top slot, but I've had a better look now, and like what I see. Go visit, readers.
Anonymous said…
Cheers, much appreciated.

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