Street Signs

New issue of Street Signs [pdf], the magazine of the Centre for Urban and Community Research at Goldsmiths College, is out. A couple of things of interest to readers of this blog: "Gregor Schneider’s Black Cube, Malevich and the Muslim Community" by Roger Hewitt (on p.5), "On what the Commission on Integration and Cohesion really said" by Michael Keith (former Tower Hamlets councillor, before being unseated by Respect, p.8), "Strategies of Sharing: the Case-study of Deptford.TV" by maria x & Adnan Hadzi (p.19), "Chickens coming home to roost: Social theory, the left and terror" by Ben Gidley (p.27), and "Lewisham ’77" by Ben Gidley (p.43 - makes an error in saying that the Lewisham '77 event is in October when it's actually November 10).


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