Brother Outsider: Hear Bayard Rustin

Following up my last Bayard Rustin post, listen to Rustin singing "Motherless Child" (right of the page, not too far down): wonderful.

I also meant to post Andrew Sullivan's 2003 tribute to Rustin.


md said…
Hi Bob,
Sorry to use this forum for this but I couldn't find another way to contact you. I wanted to suggest a video for you to post. As a prominent Jewish blogger, I thought you'd have an interesting take on it.

The video is the first in a web-only mini series called the Jewish Reconnection Project. It shows young Jews in New York and Jerusalem talking to each other and sharing how their Judaism affects their lives. It’s meant to give viewers a sense of the diversity of Jews around the world and to let college age people express their own ideas about Judaism. Ultimately, we hope that helping disparate groups of Jews understand each other will make for a stronger, healthier Jewish community.

Let me know what you think and if you're interested in posting it.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bob.

Thought you might be interested in reading Kirchick's brief post on Rustin at Contentions:

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