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This brought back the memories for me.

Future Sound of London's "Papua New Guinea", from the early 1990s, was a real ear-opener for me, overcoming an innate prejudice against certain types of electronic dance music, and defined something that made London special for me.

"Super Sharp Shooter" by DJ Zinc brings back memories of New Cross and Brockley in the mid-1990s, when jungle music was everywhere. The slow opening, the nice squelchy noises, then after more than two minutes the intense drum and bass madness kicks in. This was also massive at Carnival in 1995. Here, insanely, are the lyrics. (Bonus blog link: Dilated Choonz.)

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Anonymous said…
Nice. "Super Sharp Shooter" brought back some memories.
Anonymous said…
Cor blimey, I didn't have you down as an original junglist, or an 'OJ' as we call them in south London...

They don't make music like that anymore - but then again, I'm a big fan of Dubstepping music these days, which is very similar to jungle music.
bob said…
Good to hear from you again Courtney - it's been a while! Yep, I was well into the original junglism. I first encoutered it at some dodgy municipal festival in South Bermondsey, where Shy FX and UK Apache were playing, and all the little kids were dancing, but I couldn't work out how you danced to it. Once my hard drive was re-wired, though, I went out and overdosed on General Levy, Moose & Navigator, the Ragga Twins, all that stuff. But you couldn't really avoid it in New Cross and Lewisham then, with "rewind selector" and "hold tight London tahn" coming out of hundreds of little pirate radio stations everywhere you went.

I liked the music when it went all "intelligent" and crossed over with Roni Size et al, but something of the dirty street sensibility (which came from 'appy 'ardkore I think) was lost, only to resurface in UK garage and more recently grime and dubstep. Hold tight, London town.

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