Three from Ian Bone

Here's three from everyone's favourite class warrior, Ian Bone. (Well, not everyone's obviously.)

1. The Benn dynasty continues: 17-year old schoolgirl Emily Benn, granddaughter of Tony Benn, has been selected to stand for election in Sussex. Contempt for the voters of Worthing that they are expected to be represented by a teenage girl.* This has a South London connection, as Emily goes to St Olave's school in what Ian Bone calls "uber-posh Orpington". I hate to say it, but "uber-posh" is not how we'd describe Orpington down here... But St. Olave's ("a forward-looking selective school", according to itself) obviously is. Ian writes:
If elected it would mean five generations of BENNS sitting in parliament. Mr.BENN is of course firmly opposed to the hereditary prrinciple in politics and has resigned his peerage to prove it………HURRAH FOR ST.OLAVES AND EMILY! DOWN WITH THE HERDITARY PRINCIPLE!
Orpington, incidentally, is home to Gary Rhodes and Brian Moore, and features at class hatred site Chav Towns, which brings us to:

2. Wifebeater Tory MP Wanted to Open ‘Chav’ Shop! This also has a South London connection, as it is about Croydon MP Andrew Pelling, who called his voters chavs.

3. 1968 and all that. On a totally different note, Ian writes:
Andrew Burgin is organising a day of celebration of 1968’s radical culture and events on the 40th anniversary at Conway Hall on May 10th 2008. Amongst speakers being lined up are Angela Davis and ’street fighting man’ (I don’t fucking think so) Tariq Ali. The event promises an exciting mix and there’s a interesting article on DAVID WIDGERY on the website reminding us that in those days people like Widgery and PETER SEDGWICK retained a libertarian non-sectarian presence in Tony Cliff’s outfit now dominated by muslim businessmen, old labour has-beens and chancers. Well worth a look:


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