Turn off the war, dude

The Blackwater incident is just the latest of reasons to feel deeply ashamed to come from a member of the Multi-National Force in Iraq. But I am disgusted at the rising clamour, in the UK and the US, to withdraw from Iraq. If you believe we helped fuck it up, you should accept that it's our duty to help put it right.

Expat Iraqi blogger, IraqPundit, puts it really well in "Nice rally, shame about Iraq":
a loud crowd of people wearing badges that said "Impeach Cheney First" and who held signs that said "End the war now," as though it could be switched off like an iPod.

How I wish that were possible. It's true that some U.S. soldiers have been guilty of some horrid stuff, that they've killed innocent people, and raped and humiliated Iraqis. But I also know the majority of murdered Iraqis were intentionally killed by the so-called insurgents, by AQI, and by the Iran-backed militias. These and other killers aren't going to respond to a humanitarian anti-war plea. But I'm certain that they all enjoyed watching the TV footage of the march.
Found via Roland D (post nicely titled: "Hey Ma, I'm on TV! That will show Bush!"

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Incognito said…
Well said, Bob.

Sadly there are bad seeds in every sector of life and in every part of the world, but one shouldn't judge the whole based on the few.
and vice versa. Actors usually tend to be flakes and idiots.. however I don't consider myself that.

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