10 Songs (meme #1)

The idea is 10 favourite songs beginning with a letter, from a meme that came from Richard (whose list of songs in C included two absolute greats: "Clube Da Esquina" by Milton Nascimento and "Captain Saint Lucifer" by Laura Nyro. I got allocated R - and the task is harder than harder than you'd think!

Tom Waits "Red Shoes by the Drugstore"
If you don't know this song, read the lyrics. Listen to the mp3 at Motel de Moka.

Bob Dylan "To Ramona"
Is this cheating? It's my favourite Dylan song

Lee Scratch Perry "Roast Fish and Cornbread"

"Round Midnight" (I couldn't decide which version of this is my favourite: Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, Amy Winehouse, Chet Baker, Chet Baker as remixed by the Gotan Project...)

Rachid Taha "Rock El Casbah"

The Staple Singers "Respect Yourself"
I have to confess, I quite like the Bruce Willis cover too...

Rolling Stones "Ruby Tuesday"

George Gershwin "Rhapsody in Blue"
Romanian doyne meets swing era jazz. Original recording here.

Gil Scott-Heron "The Revolution Will Not be Televised"
A bit naff these days, I know...

Bruce Springsteen "The River"
This is naff too, I know, but it makes me emotional, as it resonates with my teenage years, and all the friends I left behind along the way.

And instead of tagging anyone, you're supposed to come get your own tag, by leaving a comment, and then I'll give you a letter.

A few audio files for yer (let me know if you're the owner of the intellectual property here and want me to remove them):
The Staple Sing...ct Yourself.mp35 MB

Rachid Taha 02 Rock el Casbah.wma2 MB

Lee “Scratch” P...ryCornbread.mp35 MB

Chet Baker vs Gotan Prject 01 'Round About Midnight.wma3 MB


Anonymous said…
Excellent stuff!

You might be interested to hear a version of "Clube de Esquina" recorded by New Cross/Deptford based band "Minnow" (live at The Centurion)

You need to open a Multiply account to hear it (free), but it's worth it.

Brit folk big band Bellowhead also do a great version...
bob said…
I just joined Multiply and downloaded the Minnow track - loved it. Will download the rest of the tracks too. Big up the New Cross Massive, as they say.
Anonymous said…
We used to practice in Malpas Road - that's up your way isn't it?
Imposs1904 said…
Sorry but three of these songs should be disqualified for beginning with the letter T.

I have to be pedantic about these things 'cos I was struggling with the letter G.

bob said…
Thanks Darren - I found it hard enough as it was. I knew I was cheating with "To Ramona", but felt fine about "Tne Revolution..." and "The River".

OK, I'm adding REHAB by Alabama 3. I'm thinking about Rehab by Amy Winehouse. And I had a far better idea at the weekend, but I've forgotten it. Maybe by the end of the week I'll come up with a better list.
bob said…
In light of this post http://brockley.blogspot.com/2007/09/jewishmusic.html, maybe I should add Sidney Bechet's "Really the Blues" instead of one of my T songs.

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