A little more Jewish music (of sorts)

From Aurgasm comes Yael Naim, a French/Israeli singer-songwriter with a lovely voice, who works with a sparse jazz-ish accompaniment

From DJ Durutti comes The Harlem Experiment, who recreate the various textures and rhythms that have made Harlem, and through Harlem made American music itself. Obviously, this includes the sounds of African-American and Latino Harlem, but also less expected sounds, which has a certain resonance for me, as my grandfather was born in Harlem, before moving to Flatbush as a kid. As the press release says, ‘It makes sense that the Klezmer style of Don Byron's clarinet transcends the playful jazz on "Reefer Man" and the funkified Yiddish folk song "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen."’ For those that don’t know, Don Byron, from the Bronx, has made music deeply rooted in soul, funk and blaxploitation music, but has also – since his days with the key klezmer revivalists, Klezmer Conservatory Band – worked on a lot of “Jewish” projects, including with Uri Caine, Geduldig un Thimann and Daniel Barenboim, not to mention his own tribute to Mickey Katz. Byron's work is generally a little far-out for me (yes, even me), but he's a great musician.

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Anonymous said…
Some time ago I encountered this collaboration between Jazz and Jewish music, which moved me deeply, especially the finale which is as evocative of Jewish lamentation as I ever heard. The song is inspired by the Kol Nidrei prayer and the saxophon player at the end seems to emulate the shofar:

DJ durutti said…
Yo Bob --

Thanks for the shout!

re: Don Byron -- Have you heard his "Music for Six Musicians" from like 1991? It's very accessible and has a definite Latin / Afro-Cuban jazz bent. It's almost worth it for the song titles alone (e.g. "White History Month," "Shelby Steele Would Be Mowing Your Lawn," etc.)

highly recommended


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