Respect melt-down continued

This was passed on to me by a friend, from a list he is on. (If you are the author and don't want it here, get in touch!
Well, the SWP are portraying the dispute as a Left versus Right dispute. Apparently Respect doesn't have enough socialism in it and it is communalist in terms of its appeals to the Muslim community.

George Galloway, Salma Yaqoob and Nick Wrack (expelled from the SWP) - say it is about SWP control freakery and their failure to engage in reasonable criticisms of their input into Respect. One of the major complaints would appear to be that Respect is "on and off" for the SWP - off in between elections and on again at election times.

As I see it the SWP liquidated the Socialist Alliance in favour of a coalition with "progressive" forces such as the Muslim Association of Britain and GG. They used their size in the Socialist Alliance to smash it up despite the opposition of nearly everyone else - who saw it as an abandonment of a commitment to building an explicitly socialist organisation.

I don't support the politics of these "progressive" forces, and GG and his allies hardly insisted on proper internal democracy in the first place. However - you could argue these people signed up to Respect in good faith and it ain't their fault that the SWP have decided they don't want to play any more. I suppose those who got the same treatment in the Socialist Alliance can say "told you so".

As for the SWP, what can you say? Yesterday they were condemning critics of Respect's non-socialist and classless appeals to the Muslim community for being Islamophobic - today they accuse Respect of being communalist. Yesterday, when they smashed up the Socialist Alliance, they argued that Respect wasn't an abandonment of socialism, today they say it is.

I really have nothing but contempt for the SWP. I feel sympathy for any non-SWP activists who joined Respect in good faith.
My view is that forming a coalition with the SWP you have to expect to be fucked over by their sectarian/opportunitistic maneouvring at every opportunity, and working with MAB and Galloway you have to expect your activists to involve themselves in corrupt practices and communalist propogandising, so they both got what they paid for.

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Meanwhile, the Stop the War Coalition could do with some melting down. TWP gives an excellent account of its degeneration here and HakMao on their silence on the real issues facing Iraq here.


Jim Denham said…
In fairness I should point out that tghe "excellent analysis of the degeneration of the STWC" at Shiraz Socialist was by my colleage/comrade "TWP" who had the dubious advantage over myself, of being present at the recent STWC conference. The response to her comments at Andy Newman's "Socialist Unity" blog has been extraordinary, btw.
bob said…
Oops! Will change the post.

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