Solidarity with Iranian labour

I have been posting about the situation of Iranian trade unionists Mansour Osanloo and Majid Hamidi, which raises broader issues about the importance of solidarity from the West for the labour movement in Iran. The labour movement in Iran is important in its own right: as the expression of the working class of Iran. And it is important as a central plank of Iran's repressed civil society and future democracy. The union that Osanloo represents has 17,000 members: that represents a formidable force for change in Iran.

Lance, at Second Hand Conjecture, takes up the issue.

Shiraz Socialist reported on Monday that Osanloo is back in jail, and yesterday that he has been sentenced to five years in jail.

MORE HERE: Closet Republican, Second Hand Conjecture


Incognito said…
As a conservative (well, moderate to be truthful) union member, will post about this.

Thanks for this.

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