The Atheist lobby on the Zionist conspiracy

normblog: As far as Dawkins can see
So, Richard Dawkins has somehow managed to yoke his obsessive hatred of religion together with a half-digested version of the Walt-Mearsheimer-Petras-Irving "Israel Lobby" conspiracy theory, to create the idea of a "Jewish lobby" controlling American foreign policy for their bizarre religious ends. Hmmm.


StripedPolkaDot said…
Did he say "bizarre religious ends"? He didn't, so far as I can see.

And how on earth is referring to a lobby a conspiracy theory.

This post is disappointing. It, like the post it links to, relies on the reader most likely having an emotional response and running with it. You have made no logical or intellectual arguments whatsoever.
StripedPolkaDot said…
And how on earth is referring to a lobby a conspiracy theory?

Supposed to be a question mark there. :)
bob said…
"Bizarre religious ends" - nope, he didn't say that, but by saying that the "Jewish lobby" monopolises American foreign policy and then specifying that he means the religious Jews, one has to presume that the ends to which they do this are religious. And I think it is fair to say that Dawkins does think that relgious ideas are bizarre and irrational, even if explicable by evolutionary theory.

"Conspiracy theory": in my view, the idea that any one "lobby" can "monopolise" American foreign policy is a conspiracy theory, in a world where the Cuban-American lobby, the Christian population, big business, CAIR, the military-industrial complex, realist foreign policy wonks, and a vast number of other interest groups all exert pressure on it.
Anonymous said…
As James Taranto writes: "Embracing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories does not seem the most effective way for atheists to expand their influence, at least not in America. Besides, to what end exactly does Dawkins seek to expand atheists' influence? Does he want to create a homeland for atheists, à la Israel? But there already was one--it was called the Soviet Union--and we all remember how well that worked out."

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