Blog action day

Apparently, today is blog action day, when bloggers are invited to post on a topic, this year the environment, and donate their blog earnings to the good cause. I don't have any blog income, but I'm going to post on the environment. However, I don't have any original thoughts on this, so I'll confine myself to the following observation: the global environmental crisis will only be tamed when global capitalism is brought to an end.

Eco-action round-up: Keith: Metal, Jews and the environment; Late Greats: Green songs; DZ: Kings Cross Car Culture; Love Lewisham: Act locally; Green Ladywell: Climate change and obesity.

Related: I haven't decided what I think of the Al Gore Nobel prize. Jim Jay is positive. Neo-Jacobin, Second-Hand Conjecture and Incognito are skeptical.


Anonymous said…
Nice to know I was in line with Blog Action Day. What I did not say on my blog but can say on yours. There is a huge possibility that the money that buys Hummers and Ferraris at Kings Cross could be drug sale related. I thought it would be safer just to address the car issue...


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