Bob from Brockley's election endorsements: The rest of London

I just posted my recommendations on who to vote for on Thursday in Lewisham and Greenwich for the Greater London Assembly. As a postscript, here are some other candidates I like:
  • Murad Qureshi, Labour, London West Central: One of the few Muslim candidates not endorsed by the Muslim Brotherhood's UK branch, the Muslim Association of Britain. If that's not reason alone to support him, he has good green credentials (e.g. is against the expansion of Heathrow) and is a leading campaigner for a living wage for Londoners. Check his blog here.
  • Shane Collins, Green, Lambeth and Southwark: One of the Green Pary's more colourful candidates, Shane gets my vote for being the main organiser of that South London fixture, the cannabis festival in Brockwell Park. More on him here.
  • James Cleverley, Conservative, Bexley and Bromley: I can't actually endorse a Tory candidate, but on a purely personal level, this is to wish good luck to James C, a very nice man and a Lewisham blogger.


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