Stop Chinese Arms Shipments to the Zimbabwean Regime!

Arieh sent this communique from a group of South African anarchist communists, which can be read in full at Zabalaza.Net

The Working Class Takes a Stand: Stop Chinese Arms Shipments to the Zimbabwean Regime!

We welcome and support the decision by the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union for their workers neither to unload nor transport the shipment of Chinese-made armaments destined for Zimbabwe. This is a very encouraging sign of working class solidarity and internationalism, and we hope that such actions will indeed prevent this weapons consignment from reaching its destination - the Zimbabwean Defence Force. [Read the rest.]

There is a stop press addition at the bottom, dated today: "SAfm radio this morning reported that given the detention of the Chinese ship in Durban, another ship of arms is steaming towards the Mozambican port of Beira, hoping to gain easier access to Zimbabwe. We are getting in touch with our Mozambican comrades to try and ensure the Beira docks are also locked down."


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