Greenwich and Lewisham, leave Jones well alone

A guest post by Not Jones

Bob writes: I have been promising to give you my endorsements for the candidates standing in my local area in the upcoming elections. We are very privileged to have this guest post by Not Jones on one candidate you definitely shouldn't vote for.

Greenwich and Lewisham is a constituency represented by the London Assembly. Residents who are eligible to do so will be casting their votes at the coming elections on 1st May. It’s beyond this author’s capactity to comment on all the candidates, but among them is somebody who deserves to be commented on. My sources are friends, acquaintances and direct experience.

This is Left List’s Jennifer Jones. Jennifer Jones has just, after a delay while electoral irregularities were investigated, been permitted to take up a sabbatical post as Campaigns and Communications Officer at Goldsmiths, University of London. The irregularities, incidentally, related to the exploitation of voter apathy by touring halls of residence with a laptop, requesting ID cards (sometimes even waking up sleeping students, it is reported) and using them to mop up e-votes - a practice that Goldsmiths Student Union in all its e-innocence had failed to anticipate and could not discipline. Jennifer Jones won, even after all her hard work, by a slender margin of 18 votes. A candidate with an extreme agenda, the turn-out was thin, she gained from it - this is your first lesson, voters. Her election means that Goldsmiths is saddled with a turn-off year of divisive campaigning and bad blood - as a member of the irrelevant, broken and misleadingly-named RESPECT Coalition it goes almost without saying that she’s leader of her local Stop the War gang and consequently pursues a steady course of doing anything but (Iraqis say they want troops to remain because they detest Al Quaeda even more? I’m sorry, but Jennifer Jones knows better).

She campaigned at Goldsmiths on a Stop the War Coalition and Free Palestine ticket and is best known there for running an aggressive anti-Zionist campaign disguised as a Palestinian twinning project. This project, in the best Stalinist traditions, rewrites Israeli history, hosts SWP polemicists and has stifled at least one courteous but persistent critic of this unpleasant local twist on Palestine twinning, who found herself demeaned, ridiculed and finally locked out of the Facebook group where the discussion and arrangements take place, with her public posts expunged.

Jennifer Jones, an LBGT rep, sticks up grotesquely for Hamas because, like all pro-Palestinian activists on the confused post-Left, she mistakes it for an anti-imperialist resistance. If she’s capable of discerning its homophobic, misogynistic, murderous and despotic nature, she doesn’t bother herself about it because for her, the culpability lies with you, me and above all the Americans. The reason Democratiya’s Alan Johnson can paint her portrait so deftly without even knowing she exists is that Jennifer Jones is a kitsch left cliche. Look in vain for her manifesto - it’s almost as if the Left List is fielding robots. Don’t be fooled by the anodyne election pledges, though - they’re cosmetic, as any Harry’s Place reader would guess.

The Left List, by the way, is RESPECT. When - and this is indicative - RESPECT squabbled and split last year their nominations officer Linda Smith flounced off with Galloway to found RESPECT Renewal. Despite being voted out that November, Linda Smith wouldn’t sign the requisite form and consequently remains the only nominations officer recognised by the Electoral Commission. If she won’t let the RESPECT candidates put RESPECT next to their name - which she won’t - RESPECT can’t do a thing about it. How embarrassing, how inept. Who would vote for this party and its dirty washing?

Back to Jennifer Jones. At Goldsmiths, the community she is supposed to represent is split by her campaigns. Large tracts of the student body recognise that the Palestine twinning is anti-Israel activism cynically masquerading as concern for Palestinians. Their resulting proposal to mitigate the conflict exascerbation by extending the twinning to an Israeli institution fell by only 2 votes - the turn-out at this debate, as is disturbingly usual where the Israel-Palestine conflict is concerned, was large. The debate was unpleasant, as a previous debate on the same issue had been.

Jewish students at Goldsmiths who are not inclined to condemn Israel’s very existence are feeling less than comfortable these days but, when criticised about this, Jennifer Jones evinces a rumplestiltskin-like defiance, retorting on more than one occasion that the only Jews who object to the twinning are the Zionist ones and it’s not her business to cater to racists. Like many in the SWP, she is comfortable with applying political tests to Jews in this way. And like many in the SWP, she can only recognise racism on the right and has a blind spot when it comes from her own quarters on the hard left.

Residents at one Goldsmiths hall of residence know that, as of last year, she’s banned from the premises for aggressive behaviour - inappropriate enough for a university Campaigns and Communications officer, let alone a London Assembly candidate. If Jennifer Jones is the best the Left List can muster they’re onto a loser. And in fielding such a poor candidate the Left List reveals itself as no more than a pastiche for political pygmies.

Greenwich and Lewisham, here are your candidates. Vote wisely, for London and for yourselves, and pass over Jennifer Jones.


Anonymous said…
Jennifer Jones is one of the most bitter, warring and spiteful people I have had the misfortune to encounter, she brings shame upon the ideal of Socialism and degrades the whole of politics at Goldsmiths. You only have to reference one of her slogans 'fight war on war' to have a comprehension...

It is painful for me to comprehend that she has any representative power over Goldsmiths students once again. Not only does she have a restraining order against her from going into students halls, there are to my knowledge over ten personal complaints about her behaviour towards members of staff and students alike at goldsmiths.

She is nothing more than a bully hiding behind the SWP banner. They should be ashamed to associate with her and the likes of James Haywood and realise that they will only do detriment to what otherwise is in many aspects a worthy cause.

Once again she has been elected at Goldsmiths, this was a sad day, achieved through bringing in outside campaigners, bullying naive first years and lying. She won by a meagre margin of 13 votes. Unlucky for some and hopefully for her.

This will all come home to roost though. There is no way that students at Goldsmiths will put up with this again.

What will it take Goldsmiths? Are you going to wait for the whole staff of the union to walk out?

It is unfortunate that so far no-one has found a way to stop the harm, anguish and unhappiness this person has caused.

Here's hoping.

I do not want to see politics at Goldsmiths and such a strong and enjoyable student union destroyed by one foolish person.

Stay positive and we will overcome.
Anonymous said…
I second that. Warring is right. Degrading is right.

("fight war on war"? I hadn't realised she was also funny.)

My condolences to the students of Goldsmiths.
Anonymous said…
Jennifer Jones is bloody brilliant and is the ONLY sabbatical at Goldsmiths who has done anything this year.
Anonymous said…
Jennifer Jones is an unpleasant bully who slurs 'You make me sick' at her rivals in corridors, harasses people including my friends via Facebook and who has made the atmosphere around the place tense and uncomfortable. Her and her cronies eye people up wherever they go, openly labelling people homophobes whenever they stand against their policies and attitude.
Anonymous said…
Jennifer Jones is probably the most intimidating and aggressive person i've met. I'm a first year at goldsmiths and being approached by her during elections week made me feel threatened and small!! I came to goldsmiths expecting a more mature approach from students, and have been faced with a screaming neo-feminist who thinks her own opinion is the only thing that matters to the student union. I certainly did not vote for her, yet others in my year were tricked into voting because she came into our psychology lectures exclaiming "vote for me or the common room will be closed by staff!". She gives goldsmiths university bad press and her role as a sabbatical officer should be removed. It's about time she let someone else have a go, perhaps someone who is still at the university and can voice the views of CURRENT students.
Anonymous said…
I sadly agree with the above,

when I first met Jennifer she was a meek and nervous character who had just been completely rejected by a large part of Goldsmiths lesbian comunity, I watched as Grace Lally found her, exploited this fact, and groomed her, then watched her clumsily shout and shake her fist about concepts she simply did not understand, then i watched her call every one who agreed with her princibles but not her methodology, right wing. Then i watched as she bullied and indimidated those who stood in her way. i watched her lie to first years and try and con minority groups in following her lead, i watched her take credit for previous "right wing" sabs achievements. The irony of all this is if she had any inter-personal skills and tried not be offensive to everyone and engage in reasoned and informed debate she might actually be a force for good instead of setting the lefts cause back, on repeat...
EmmaHunt said…
I've found her quite helpful actually, and while i don't have to agree with every item on the agenda, its been refreshing to have people interested in changing things at Goldsmiths. For a University with such a reputation for radical thought, there have been more than a few cases where the politics of the management has seemed anything but. Possible privatisation of parts of the college, closure of the nursery, using a catering company which operates under the same umbrella as UK detention centres and private 'contractors' in Iraq, for instance.
While Jones and Heyward's methods can certainly be loud and even a little clumsy, thats kind of a tradition for student politicians, no?
Dare I suggest some of the vitriol expressed here might be a little over the top? Ok, you don't agree with their policies, and you find them rude.
Is anyone here actually at Goldsmiths? Why didn't you run in the elections? And if you did, perhaps a little more work on your manifestos, or a little practical activism around the college or local area might help, instead of expending quite so much energy on aggressive and childish hate campaigns.

And perhaps, anonymous, anonymous and anonymous, your words might mean a little more if you put your name to them.


Emma Hunt
Goldsmiths 2nd Year Anthropology.
bob said…
I appreciate the diverse views expressed here. By the way, Emma, perhaps four out of five of the above anonymouses (anonymi?) remained so precisely because they experienced Ms Jones as intimidating, bullying, etc. Note, some of them supported (some of) her politics, so they cannot be accused of mounting a "aggressive and childish hate campaign".
Anonymous said…
Goldsmiths isn't what it used to be. My 3 years at the college have been ruined by the absolute disregard of the students' needs by the staff. It doesn't surprise me that Jennifer has been voted in again - the college is surrounded by a wall of apathy. Goldsmiths will only take action when, or if, they realise that Jennifer is tarnishing their name (one of the top 100 brands, of course). Let's hope they get googling soon and sort it all out, or else I'm worried I'll have to leave my Goldsmiths degree off my CV.
Anonymous said…
would you ever imagine?

That a students union sabbatical officer, could intimidate people so much, that in whatever way they spoke out against her, they chose to remain anonymous?

Is this freedom of speech?

when in history have we seen this before?

Would you ever imagine?
That a students union sabbatical officer, could intimidate people so much, that their 'POLL' would have to be taken offline? (a poll that invited both negative and positive comments)


if jen jones is so AGAINST freedom of speech, how does she manage to run so many campaigns and protests?

and someone please explain to me, how that allows her to be a COMMUNICATIONS officer!

And may i add, that if for any reason, this blog is to be taken offline, and an email was to be sent out saying that it was abusive and threatening, then there is something seriously wrong with the system,

I... WE are not threatening, we are not abusing,

WE are exercising our FREEDOM OF SPEECH
Anonymous said…
This blog won't go away because I copy/pasted it into a word document, so i'll just post it. No fears. Wish i could say as much for the democratic poll that went down yesterday....

At the end of the day, this many people writing and complaining merit a voice, and an inquest. I've crossed swords with her a few times, and she was a deeply unpleasant individual.

I have made the london student paper aware of this as well, so lets hope they stop her spurious little heterophobic writings...

Our college has been well and truly hijacked...
JoƎEmerick said…
I'd imagine people are remaining anonymous so that Jen Jones doesn't isolate them.

A friend of mine complained about her citing 'Al Quieda' as her employer on facebook and she invited him in for a shout down and a lecture on the evil west....
I'm at Goldsmiths, and i certainly didnt vote for her.

Speaking as someone who's worked in Mostar and other conflict zones, she dosen't know a damned thing. Especially when it comes to war-campaigns.

Pitiful really, but too important a position to merit someone like her
Anonymous said…
Perhaps one should consider the reasons as to why the only person to put their name on one of the posts was commenting positively about Jones.

Maybe we should all sit in Deptford Town Hall till Jones and her rather ugly looking bunch of leftys get the hell out of Goldsmiths for good.

They all make me sick.
Anonymous said…
Jennifer Jones is brilliant, for someone running a society during my time at goldsmiths no one was more vocal and supportive of our society than jennifer and she wasn't even a sabbatical then.

Jennifer has the majority support of students hence her re-election and unlike the good for nothing and lazy officers who served before her she actually tries to achieve something and not just show up to sandwhich.

Everyone get off her back and grow up. If you have something critical to say about her, you know where to find her 1st floor student union
Anonymous said…
I would be interested to know what Jen Jones studied in her first year. Anyone? As regards to the Palestine twinning campaign I was not here when that was going on, but am concerned by its anti-Jewish approach. I think if Goldsmiths wants a better image it should be a mixed twinning campaign with an Israeli and a Palestine University. Also I wondered whether or not we can go to the University in Palestine if two of its students can come here? Has Jones been to Palestine and met the people at the Uni. I also wonder? Plus I doubt very much Muslim extremists would like her very much, even though she supports them, due to her sexual orientation. Which I have nothing against but I am sure they would.

Enough thing I will not mock is her determination and how active she is for the Uni. Whether it is a cause I agree with or not. That has to be applauded.
Anonymous said…
Can anyone tell us more about this poll that has gone off-line? Where are you talking about?
Anonymous said…
bob, i did not know how to get in contact with you but i believe soomething very disturbing has just come to light about our mutual friend. how can i get in contact?
BobFromBrockley said…
You can try bobfrombrockley at

I don't check it as often as I should, but you've piqued my curiosity!

I hear so many stories about our mutual friend. if half of them were true, I would consider her some kind of very warped person. And yet managed to achieve a position of some power.

When she leaves the bubble world of university, though, I think she's unlikely to keep hold of much.
Lawrence Miles said…
Are you the guy who made that homophibc website about Jen? with death threats on it?

Disgusting if so. No one should be victimized due to their sexuality.

Jen may wind people up but what you did was abuse and hate crime. So what if she brags about shit or makes claims like 'soilders rape women' - they do a lot of the time! Even if it's bad taste it's not abuse - unlike your homophobic slurs. She's not breaking the law unlike you writing abuse.

She has apparently gone to the police and SU lawyers are onto all the hate campaign stuff she gets since the website so I assume you'll hear from them soon.

Good luck claiming she's 'so intimidating that bloody lefty' then! Can't play the victim for much longer after what you did
Leon said…
Hi lawrence [and everyone else]

This is my first comment here, so excuse the length - i feel there are a few things that need to be cleared up.

The website you refer to was in actuality an online poll. It asked the question 'Do you find Jennifer Jones approachable?'.

The comments section of the poll was open to the public and the person who set up the poll closely monitored and deleted any offensive comments almost instantly.

In current internet law the responsibility for those comments does not lie with the person who started the poll but rather with the person who made the comments. So to clarify, the person who made the poll is not engaging in illegal activity whatsoever.

In fact given the public nature of the comment board, the person who made those offensive comments could just as easily be someone who wished a very awkward and extremely popular poll [nigh on 100 votes for 'intimidating, angry, aggresive, patronising' in under a day] to be taken down immediately.

What better way than to post homophobic comments and then immediately kick up a fuss about it? I can't think of any other way that GSU could have been persuaded to email out requesting the shut down a poll like that and not be met by accusations of suppressing freedom of speech.

Just a thought...

Maybe you might want to contact the police and check the validity of this claim of police involvement in the investigation?

You will find the aims of the investigation are not something they are helping with or have had consultant involvement with.

In fact it would never be a police matter, but a civil one involving lawyers.

Hmmm... so what do we have now?

1. A fraudulent claim of police involvement in an SU investigation

2. Over 30 separate complaints of being bullied and intimidated by jones from Goldsmiths students over 2 years.

3. Whispers on the wind that the basis of this 'investigation' is a private message obtained by illegally hacking into a student's facebook account [without permission].

What next i wonder?

Perhaps a gross breach of privacy with the accessing of near on 20 confidential privately submitted complaints made by students about jennifer's behaviour towards them detailing numerous complaints of bullying, intimidation.

Maybe even the subsequent harassment of the complainees by using their supposedly blanked out contact details to wage a campaign of intimidation back at each individual for daring to question Jones' behaviour.

Oh no wait, hold up; both those two things have already happened as part of this 'investigation'.

Gosh. This is getting a bit twisted isn't it?

It is interesting that 104 goldsmiths students would like to see Jennifer Jones face a vote of no confidence?

Especially when you consider the normal wave of apathy that greets issues of student politics by the Goldsmiths body.

Maybe it was something she said...
Unknown said…
Jennifer Jones ate my hamster
Anonymous said…
this bog is misguided

jennifer jones is one of GREATEST people, i have known. She campaigns for what she believes, Palestinians have been oppressed for TOO LONG time GREAT BRITAIN stands up for what we believe in and that is Human Rights

Jewish society at Goldsmith is one of the most spiteful societies, they regularly harass students and shout racist things, and when you ask them about Israel they shout antisemitism ridiculous

vote Jennifer
third year politics student, Goldsmith
Anonymous said…
this bog is misguided

jennifer jones is one of GREATEST people, i have known. She campaigns for what she believes, Palestinians have been oppressed for TOO LONG time GREAT BRITAIN stands up for what we believe in and that is Human Rights

Jewish society at Goldsmith is one of the most spiteful societies, they regularly harass students and shout racist things, and when you ask them about Israel they shout antisemitism ridiculous

vote jennifer
third year politics student, Goldsmith
Anonymous said…
Everyone I think this should stop, I believe in freedom of speech but this isn't really what freedom of speech should be used for. (picking on people saying you don't like someone and slagging them off) Doesn't anyone see that this isn't write? I've been bullied like a lot of people, for about 6 years and the reason was because of the way people saw me, I was different, had different views, did things differently. Sound familiar? you don't like Jennifer because she does things differently. But I've encountered many politicians and I even know a few and what Jennifer does isn't anything out of the ordinary she campaigns vigourously for what she believes in. How many of you can say that about yourselves? Sure she can seem intimidating at times and uses forceful ways to get her messages across but she wouldn't be able to do it effectively any other way, think about other politicians how do and have they gained our attention and votes? Finally I'm sure Jennifer isn't the only SU officer that is like this maybe at Goldsmiths she stands out but I'm sure there are thousands of fellow students out there who campaign like she does, are you going to start throwing false accusations at them as well?There's more to life than petty arguments, I'm not asking you to agree with her policies, just to be more open minded isn't that what you come to university to do....?
Johnathon Graves said…

So tell me how many other Goldsmith's Officers have accused UK armed forces of being sexist rapists?

And tell me how many have proudly boasted of being socialist - run for the left list, then bragged about how much money their parents have.

And while you're at it - how many Goldsmith's Officers have assaulted and intimidated pupils?
Anonymous said…
its all been either taken out of context or is absolute crap made up by idiots who have nothing better to do. God people just get over this already its gone on for too long.
Anonymous said…
er wait, what?

Who did she assualt and when? Thats a new one...
bob said…
1. This is not an issue of "free speech"; nor is Jones the victim here. Some of the allegations against her in this comment thread are somewhat outlandish; others are fairly trivial; and some need serious substantiation. But it is very clear to me, from the comments from ordinary students, from the e-mails I have been sent, and from other accounts I have heard, that there is at the very least a strong case to be made that Jones has acted in a bullying way on campus and on-line. I have heard a number of stories of her indulging in extremely personal vindictive flame wars on Face Book, for example, and of using insulting language in corridors and in union meetings. In other words, the bully here seems to me to be her, and not those accusing her.

2. Two students arguing in the union bar may stoop to personal remarks; two union hacks arguing in a late night session at NUS conference might go below the belt. But what we are talking about here is an elected officer of a union, a union paid for by the fees of the students, and the way she talks to the ordinary members of the union. (I'm not sure if she is a paid sabbatical or not.) Someone holding such an office has certain expectations of professionalism on them, that ordinary members don't have.

3. This last point seems to me to speak to a larger issue, which is how Jones and her allies at Goldsmiths, and their equivalents elsewhere, treat student unions. Not as democratic unions which should work for their members, but as platforms for ideologically motivated campaigns. Some of these campaigns may be ones of which I approve, but others are very questionable. Jones has focused on one particular political issue - Palestine - and used the Goldsmiths union as a platform for the promotion of a very specific angle on the conflict. The history of the web of groups she currently leads, under her and under her mentor Grace Lally, of inviting crypto-Nazi Paul Eisen, and dishonest borderline softcore Holocaust deniers like Suzanne Weiss, speaks for itself on this matter.

4. Having said all this, I am not happy with the way this argument has unfolded here. I don't like participants in my comments thread calling each other "mind-numbingly stupid", for example. This undermines whichever case they are making. I would request people to stick to the facts and the substantive arguments please, and not reproduce the culture of the student union bar here. I would also request that Anonymous commenters take on a nickname, so that it is possible to get a clear sense of who is arguing what.
Anonymous said…
if you are bullying someone then you are in the wrong HOWEVER if you know someone who MAYBE a bully, bullying them is effectively making you the bully, sinking to their level, making you as pathetic as them, understood? I'm done arguing this know, people on here feel free to say whatever you want, but lets hope there are people that won't believe everything they read and Bob you're not a good example of this seeing as you beleived STORIES about her.
bob said…
I do not believe all the "stories" I've heard about Ms Jones, or at least I do not see them as facts but rather as allegations. But I do believe some of them, as I have heard them from people I consider reliable witnesses, and there are enough of these with similar patterns to make me suspect at least some of the others are true too.

Bullying is also about power. Someone who holds office in a union has a responsibility to act in particular ways towards her members. Someone who holds office also has to expect public scrutiny on their behaviour. There is a world of difference between banter between two ordinary students, or between two different officers, whether on Facebook, in a bar or in a corridor - and the way a union officer should behave towards rank and file members. It is unacceptable, in either context, for someone to make homophobic comments, for example, but when someone has power over another person the same comments are not equally culpable. If the allegations were about just some Goldsmiths student, I would never have allowed this blog to be used as a platform for them. But the allegations are about someone with substantial power.
Anonymous said…
From Goldsmiths' web site:

Jennifer Jones resigns as Campaigns and Communications Officer

Jennifer Jones has notified the Students’ Union of her resignation from the position of Campaigns and Communications Officer and Trustee of Goldsmiths Students’ Union.

Jennifer was elected to be the Campaigns and Communications Officer in 2007 and re-elected to the post in 2008. She was recently suspended pending an investigation into the findings of an independent report into complaints regarding Goldsmiths Students’ Union.

The Trustee Board of Goldsmiths Students’ Union will be meeting next week to give further consideration to the findings of the independent report, to agree appropriate steps regarding its recommendations and discuss whether or not to hold a by-election for the vacant sabbatical position.

Jesse Fajemisin, Students’ Union President, made the announcement via the Students’ Union website.,17522,en.php
Anonymous said…
Hold your horses, Alex. "Pending an investigation", it says. I posted the news as an update. Jennifer Jones is suspended, has resigned, and her actions are being investigated - so now we wait and see.
Anonymous said…
There seems to be a lot of fuss over a young trot. Most of the stuff on here just seems to be vindictive right wingers on a witch hunt. There didn't seem to be that many people caring about Socialist Action running Goldsmiths Student Union a few years ago.
Jocelyn Underpeople said…
How is the post right wing?

And don't you think what you've just said suggests it's not, in fact, a "fuss about a young trot" - rather a fuss about somebody who has alienated, or even disgusted, a section of her student body and her constituents with her actions, rather than her political camp?
bob said…
Re last anonymous: why would "vindictive right wingers" be more tolerant of Socialist Action than of the Socialist Workers Party? But I'm eager for an account of Goldsmiths SU the SA days. And I'm eager for any updates or perspectives on the Jones situation.
Anonymous said…
The current situation is Bob that no thanks to people like you Jennifer Jones has resigned therefore leaving Goldsmiths without a campaigns and communications officer, without an officer that was the only one that actually did anything. So well done I'm sure you're sleeping better at night now. To be honest I thought that now you've got what you wanted this blog post would end but apparently not, apparently the comments and allegations are going to keep coming, there really is no justice in the world.
Anonymous said…
There is justice, it just happened - and her short-lived career is over. Forever.
bob said…
Anonymi, it would be helpful if you could use nicknames at least so that we can have an on-going conversation rather than scoring points. See my comment 01 November, 2009 12:10 above.

I do not know anything about the allegations of financial impropriety that are being investigated. I am, to be honest, surprised by them, as for all my criticisms of JJ I did not see her as corrupt - at least not personally corrupt (I would not be surprised if the issue was money getting to her pet causes thru dodgy means). I would be keen to hear about them!

But I cannot say I will miss her. She was "the only one that actually did anything"? Can you give me examples of actually positive things she has done in her role?
Anonymous said…
Jones is back. New name, new university, same politics:

Jennifer Jones aka Jennifer Izaakson Jones aka Jen Izaakson.

Part-time student (one night per week) of sub-degree French course. She's looking for a new base from which to stir things a bit (for £400+ per month). Pity Birkbeck students, half of whom have proper jobs and will have their part-time studies disrupted by sit ins and demonstrations. It ain't funny when you only have one evening a week to go to the library and Jen's blocking the door.
Not Jones said…
Jennifer Jones has now changed her name to Jennifer Izaakson and is claiming Jewish heritage. I dare say she thinks this will shield her while she goes about her business worrying Jews. I'm thinking of changing my name to Jones, to better defend Jews from people called Izaakson.
Anonymous said…

Having won at Birkbeck in November and having unlawfully occupied a SOAS building in Gordon Square. Jen Izaakson is now standing for a different paid role. Note she is a full-time student at LSE and yet holds a post at Birkbeck based on an evening class in basic French.

Does anybody really care?
Anon Mouse said…
Just coming back to this to note the irony of people taking seriously Jen Jones/Izaakson's article in support of Lutfur Rahman.

Years ago someone in the comments said "There is justice, it just happened - and her short-lived career is over. Forever." I honestly can't believe that 6 years later, after numerous more scandals and allegations of corruption, she's still being taken seriously.

20,500 Twitter followers... do they really not know?
Bitter Goldsmiths alumna said…
A funny story about Jones/Izaakson:

TrollHuntress said…
Jen Jones/Isaacson/Izaakson has been active (and destructive) in the UK radical feminist movement since may 2017, where she is leaving a trail of destruction behind her. She is responsible for closing down groups, pitting activists against each other, online and offline bullying, sexual and emotional violence towards women, manipulation, gaslighting. She is directly responsible for making (at least) two women homeless, has consistently disrespected confidentiality rules about secret groups and consciousness raising sessions, using social media to recount personal stories told in confidence, revealing pictures of secret venues on Twitter, appropriating other activists' work, obsessively targeting some activists to discredit them in the eyes of the wider movement. Because of these consistent unethical behaviour Jen Jones/Isaacson/Izaakson has now antagonised most of the UK radical feminist scene, (most UK radical feminist do not want anything to do with her), so she has recently moved to Paris(13) to try to infiltrate the French feminist movement. Her strategy has now moved to writing up lengthy fictional account of her victimisation by some of her previous victim, slandering them shamelessly to demonise and ostracised them completely in the eye of the movement. Jen is only moving from one playground to the next, causing as much chaos as possible.

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