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*Subtle Jane Austen reference dedicated to Noga.

P.S. if you've been following the Obama-debate in the comments here, there's lots and lots more here.

**P.P.S. "Anthony Andrews" corrected into "Andrew Anthony". I think I was getting confused by Anthony Edwards, as I kept seeing Dr Green from ER while I read the extracts from The Fall-Out.

P.P.P.S. This post has been expanded (considerably here: Between Burke and Paine in the twenty-first century


Jim Denham said…
I don't think calling someone "the second best writer...", after Philip Larkin, is "damning with faint praise"...

I wish someone would compare my writing to that of Larkin's: I wouldn't consider being put second behind him any sort of "faint praise", I can assure you.
bob said…
So first I read "second most intersting writer to have been employed by the University of Hull" and I thought that's a terrible thing to aspire to, and the phrase "damned with faint praise" from Pride and Prejudice, so put that it in because of this. Then I thought, hang on, this is Jim, the most interesting writer to be employed by Hull is Larkin, who Jim is big on, and I realised it was a huge compliment disguised as an insult disguised as a compliment. So I changed it to "praise by faint damnation". Is that clear now?