SHIFT Magazine, issue 2

Just noticed issue 2 of the excellent SHIFT Magazine is out now. Haven't read it yet.
Another airport, another camp. Many of the marquees and tents were the same, and most faces were familiar too. Yet the atmosphere at the No Borders camp last September was very different form the Climate Camp that had happened a month earlier. For a start, there were no police, journalists or livestock on site! Out were the dreadlocks; black hoodies were back in fashion. New airport, new camp, new politics? The No Borders camp had set up at Gatwick airport. Not to protest the flying habits of the middle classes but to demonstrate against the building of Brook House, a new detention centre at Gatwick airport. Read more ...


No Borders interview - Alice (Brighton No Borders)
A foot in both camps - Merrick
Marching to oblivion - Little Red Wagon and Pedro Rocha
Spacehijackers interview - Robin
In defence of free spaces - international call


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