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The great Chris Dillow has included one of my posts in his "top blogging" list, which is nice.

Among his posts you should read are on why he is leaving London, and on why politicians are so thick and/or corrupt they don't realise what fools they look.

Among the other posts he nominates are a few that touched a nerve with me.
Go read em.


kate said…
Im so glad your as disgusted as me. It still really gets to me.
kate said…
That doesnt sound right does it ...but i think you know what i mean.
AdamB said…
Hello Bob. Glad to hear you enjoyed my post. It's good to come across another Saarrf London blogger. Keep up the good work :)
Anonymous said…
Are you serious? Do you really see a border fence as "apartheid?" The fence may be futile, it may the wrong answer to a problem, but it surely is NOT apartheid. And don't you think it's silly, crossing out "fence" and putting "wall," as that blogger does?

Robert Frost isn't appropriate to the border-discussion. That blog is dishonest, and so are most of the "fence" and "immigration" debates.

Shall countries NOT defend their borders? Everywhere but in the EU borders are defended, most more viciously than the US defends its borders.
bob said…
I obviously failed in my intention to ironise (is that the right word?) Israel's security fence, which is ridiculously called an apartheid fence. My point - made far too under-handedly - was that if that is an apartheid fence, this is an apartheid fence. Does that make sense?

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