Five more items

Update: Originally, this post had five items in it, then I deleted one, but I failed to change the title. How useless is that?

A review of an interesting-looking novel:“The German Bride” is a western and a story of Jewish pioneers. But “Blazing Saddles” it is not...*

Building Arab trust in Israel: I never thought I'd find myself agreeing with Michael Howard.**

The cultism of the left: an anarchist perspective

Hindu nationalim: an annotated bibliography and web link list

*Hat tip: Jogo.
**Hat tip: Arieh.


Anonymous said…
As someone familiar with Hindutva, the list of scholarly resources provided is incredibly one-sided, to be polite.

Especially the section:


The authors in that section are on the way out loony left. Have a look at some of the articles to see what I mean. Read as if they came straight from "Counterpunch."