Foxes of New Cross

Play it as it lays says:

One of the biggest (guilty?) pleasures in the music blogging world is to be the first ones to pick up on some hot new band, to be able to say I was there first. Here’s someone I’m confident will be absolutely huge in about six months or so, and I’ll get to be smug at the annual music blog dinner dance.

Ed Tracy... used to play under the moniker Chopper Harris, and has been tooling around the toilet venues of London for a while. He also occasionally played live saxophone, naked, for now-defunct white 2-step/dub outfit Crack Village alongside Akira The Don and one of Ray Winstone’s female sprogs. Via a chain of command involving former members of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Prefab Sprout his demo got him signed to Parlophone...

His stuff is classic British guitar pop with a creamy layer of white soul, and vocals that chew their way happily around juicy non-sequiters and vaguely slapstick imagery... ["Foxes of New Cross"] is one of his earlier efforts with some very nice guitar-hero soloing, and a catchiness that ruled my summer about three years back. Check out his myspace for some of his excellent new songs (including “Too Much Money” which WILL be #1), and his blog featuring tales of Keith Flint eating apple crumble amongst other topics. [Read the rest, and listen to the mp3]

Lobster Quadrille Magazine says:
The splendidly vibrant Foxes of New Cross is reminiscent of Blur's best stuff circa Modern Life Is Rubbish. A joyful blend of stretched-out vocals, sharp Coxon-esque guitar, pipey organ and saxophone embellishments. It also has an amazing fuzzbox solo. (I hope that doesn't sound like a euphemism for something.) In any case, why can't all bands make music this good?
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Anonymous said…
2006 I was living in the Middle East, a bored expat on the hunt for good music. I spent hours on My Space listening and skipping until a heads up on a Prefab Sprout forum sent me to Chopper Harris.

I followed him until he disappeared off to LA, other music caught my attention and I forgot all about him for years. Then one day one of his My Space tracks pops up on my iPod. I google him expecting at least a couple of albums out, a residency in some LA venue perhaps...I find nothing.

I did eventually find him here:

I agree, he should be HUGE.