The glorious Belfast proletariat shall be victorious in its correct struggle to defeat imperialism and its lackeys

Great post from yourfriendinthenorth:
Eamonn McCann? Check. Students? Check. 60-something men and women wearing Che Guevara t-shirts? Check. Unimaginative placards lampooning President Bush’s intelligence? Check. Some local Muslim bloke to make everyone feel all diverse and right on? Check. Yup, all the ingredients were there for yet another thinly attended anti-war demo in Belfast featuring all of the usual suspects from our city’s lunatic fringe. Not even nice weather and the US President himself coming to town could bring out the crowds. Things must be bad in no-blood-for-oil land. [READ THE REST]
See also this post, on the anti-Americanism of the Stop the War crew, and their love of feeling good about themselves by imagining Bush is dumb.


M. Simon said…
Here is something that may give you the warm fuzzies:

Fusion Report 13 June 008


So you have to ask yourself: Is it possible that the enviros are the cause of the oil war?

No Blood For Oil or No Drilling For Oil?