Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom: Holocaust denial, 9/11 denial, 7/7 denial, and the evil BBC

Unity, writing at Liberal Conspiracy on the first, second and third waves of the Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom controversy.

The post notes that the first time, it was exclusively Jewish and left-wing sources which ran the story (see my posts from that period 1 and 2); the right remained silent, despite the political capital they could have gained from his claimed CND/Green Party/Respect affiliations. The second time, after he was hosted on the Iranian regime mouthpiece PressTV however, the right remained silent. Now a new wave has arisen, as it turns out the BBC are paying him some minor expenses to appear in a documentary ("Conspiracy Files") on 9/11 and 7/7 conspiracy theories. Unity writes: "All of a sudden, the right can’t get enough of Kollerstrom, now that there’s a much bigger and more attractive target in the frame: the BBC."

Incidentally, I wonder how much the BBC pay Melanie Phillips for her constant presence on that bastion of the liberal elite conspiracy...

Keywords: Press TV, Nick Kollerstrom, Holocaust denial, Holoucast revisionism


Matt said…
So is the point that there's a lot of work yet to be done dealing with antisemitism in Britain? Or is antisemitism only useful in pointing out the tokenism of the right, just kicking the political football back at 'em? Of course, I'd like to think the former, but the comments don't really suggest that that's how the story is being taken.
Unity said…
To be honest with you, Matt, there's an element of both in this.

Yes, there is still much to be done in rooting out anti-semitism, and by and large at the grass roots level its still very much the left who're doing the heavy lifting on the ground despite the kind of nonsense that the Trots go in for.

Equally, its often frustrating to see the political right mouthing off only when tackling anti-semitism, of sorts, fits neatly into one of their other agendas.
bob said…
Yes, I think both are correct, but that it is important to get them in proportion. For me, defeating antisemitism and other forms of discrimination and persecution is more important than goal-scoring and flag-waving between the opposing camps in the British political culture. However, it is also important to expose the hypocrisy and bad faith that have accompanied some of the conservative claim to be camp that most consistently challenges antisemitism. Does that make sense?