Feel the power!

Andrew writes:

Definitely A List

Big shout out to our two local blogging superstars.

Both Bob and Transpontine make the top three hundred most influencial UK blogs this month.

I'm not sure if he's saying that one can't deny that Wikio have come up with a list, which is true, or that I'm an A-List blogger, which might be stretching it...

Here's my comment:

Gosh, that’s exciting! I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t pointed that out. No.233, a big step above my previous high of 99th best left-wing blogger.

I notice I am down 21 places since May, which doesn’t suprise me, as I’ve felt palpably less influential this month. Still, I’m a good 60 points ahead of Transpontine, although he might be creeping up as he has gone up 4 points since last month.

I also got some good press from Darren:
Going by Bob's selection I'm guessing that he is a bit of a muso. Has been known to subscribe to Record Collector magazine, and has index carded his record collection. Back in the day he was more of a Charlie Gillett groupie than a John Peel groupie. Been known to not only buy CDs that have been reviewed in the New Internationalist, but he's also been known to listen said CDs voluntarily.

While I'm here, a shout out to blogs which have recently linked to me for the first time, including Miss Welby, who is owed a post of her own, Sultan Knish, and Never Get Used to It.


Jim Denham said…
Well, we at Shiraz Socialist seem to be down by about 70 per cent. Frankly, my dear I don't give a fuck. I gather that that particular hit parade is based upon the number of links you get, or some such nonsense. Who cares?
Anonymous said…
Hi there!
This is Lisa over Wikio, I was wondering if you would be interested in the badge on BobFromBrockley?
Just let me know.
Have a great day!
"Frankly, my dear I don't give a fuck.... such nonsense. Who cares?"

M. Jacques here is just a party pooper. If he really didn't give a f*** he wouldn't be going to the trouble of making such a bilious point about not giving a f***. Methinks he does give at least a very little f***.
Roland Dodds said…
Congrats Bob. I expect invitations to your manor when you cash in that cred!
Anonymous said…
Yo Bob,

Congrats! Copious pints are in order.

I enjoy the diversity of posts here, your perspective and the comments from visitors (most of the time). You introduced me to some great folks including CC, Roland Dobbs, etc. Thanks for that.

Sultan Knish is a great blog. We don't *always* agree with each other but I link to him (and you) fairly regularly. I would not be surprised if he discovered "Bob from" via TNC. If so, glad to "introduce" the two of you.


Anonymous said…
These lists are a laugh. But you still get a nice glow if you're right up there ...