Jenna Delich, the UCU and David Duke

If you haven't already read about British academic and trade union member Jenna Delich, who cites David Duke's website in support of a boycott of Israel, and about the UCU activists who have threatened action against Harry's Place for publicising the scandal, then below are some places you can read about it.

It is worth noting that the article to which Jenna Delich linked is not by David Duke. It is by one Joe Quinn and originally appeared on a 9/11 Truth Cult site called It would not have reflected well on Jenna D if she had found the article there, but she didn't; she found it on a Ku Klux Klan site, which reflects on her rather worse.


Harry's Place
The Jenna Delich Archives (an HP back-up)
Yet another backup of the Jenna Delich archives



Matt said…
You can add this.
Ken said…
Where does she actually "cite David Duke," Bob? She doesn't, does she? What she did was send a link out to a piece by one Joe Quinn which had been reposted on the David Duke site.

However, such is the determination of HP to smear anyone who even thinks about attacking Israel that just about any old tosh is grist for their rancid mill.

OK, that doesn't mean that the lady was correct in trying to get HP shut down. What it means is that the HP Saucers are as rancid as ever and now the rest of us have to support them on this narrow freedom of speech issue.
Ken said…
Hang on a minute - your second paragraph admits that the link is not to a DD piece, so I have to ask the question again, why did you say that she "cites David Duke"?
bob said…
Matt- thanks for the link: an excellent post, as ever.

Exile - you are quite right. I should not have written that Ms Delich "cites David Duke" but rather that she "cites David Duke's website". I will change the wording.

There seems to be a common notion on the sane anti-Zionist left that Cushman, Delich and co are wrong to try and shut down HP, but that HP was somehow wrong (or "rancid" or "vicious, personal and intimidating" (csop). I don't see what is "rancid" about saying that what Jenna D did was wrong, and naming her. The nastiest thing HP did was caption a picture of Delich thus: “Sheffield-based academic, Jenna Delich - links tofar right websites associated with the Klu Klux Klan”. Is that rancid and personal?
Ken said…
Well, I'm the one who called them rancid, which they are. HP's smears have pretty much alienated a large chunk of the blogging gang. From trying to get Neil Clark sacked, via their allegations about Johann Hari to heaven knows what else. They break just about every blogging rule going and then expect the rest of us to jump to their support and tend their self-inflicted wounds.

Yeah, OK, I'll support the little scrotes, and I have even written to la Denich to ask her to lay off the closure attempt. Just don't expect me to feel wonderful about it.
"They break just about every blogging rule going "

Where does one go to find a list of this rule book?
Ken said…
OK, very droll. The conventions of blogging, if you prefer.

Pedantic sod!
I've been called worse, but I'm not sure they were better than you, those who did the calling.

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