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Ben Kingsley plays another Jew in "Elegy", based on Philip Roth's novel.

I wonder about that.

Does Ben do "da Joo"
better than just any old Jew?

Remember the old hullabaloo about cultural appropriation and orientalism and what not, when African Americans continually complained about the likes of Spielberg making a movie about blacks and Edward Said complaining that old white men write the history of the Orient in Middle East Studies depts?

How come it has never been a problem for Jews, that, for example, the saintly Gandhi jee can play a horny, drugged out aging New York Jew?
Unknown said…
i saw that you were using one of our mp3's ... can you link us?

It's QuietColor

thanks -
bob said…
Alex- I linked to the post, not the mp3, as is my normal practice. Hope that's OK!

Noga- spot on, as always.

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