The Bin Ladens of the Balkans

Long and fascinating dispatch from Kosovo by Michael Totten. Part I and Part II. Consider throwing the man some cash so he can carry on the good work.

Erotic literature for sale on the street, Prizren, Kosovo

Painted Wall Painted Mosque.jpg
A painted wall inside the Painted Mosque


Incognito said…
Definitely some fascinating observations. Interesting to note people's different perspectives on the situation in the Balkans.

I was in a beautiful play about Bosnian refugees, quite a few years ago, and did a ton of research on the war. The Bosnians were praying for western intervention, for the U.S. to come and save them. Had we entered the fray sooner, before so many were slaughtered, I don't think we would have the problem we do in that region. There would have been no need for the muhajadeen. Prior to the conflict in that region, the Muslims (like in Kosovo) were non-religious, and lived quite peacefully with their Christian neighbours. Our inaction seems to have led to the current problem in some of those areas.
jams o donnell said…
Thanks for drawing Mr Totten's work to my attention. Very interesting
bob said…
Incognito- I share your analysis here 100%