Karadžić’s supporters: the red-brown alliance

An Engage exclusive: One of Karadžić’s defence team believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Jovan Byford on Smilja Avramov)

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Greater Surbiton: SWP blogger Richard ‘Lenin’ Seymour supported Serbian territorial expansion and More on Richard ‘Lenin’ Seymour’s support for Serbian imperialist expansion

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Roland Dodds said…
It is interesting to see people like Seymour backpedal on their support for Serb nationalists, but not a surprising phenomenon; in another 10 years, folks like him will say they supported democracy in Iraq even when they were celebrating the defeat of the very institutions meant to further that cause.
Anonymous said…
seymour's a tedious prick, i've no idea why anyone would go to any length to rebut the arse - what's the point, i'm sure there's plenty of more valid things that can be done than expose some swp hack of binary fuckwitted positions, hypocrisy and contradictions, i mean it's not as if that's going to be news to anybody whose had their eyes open over the last 10 years

on the subject of karadzic's legal team, i see that a group of greek lawyers have offered him their services for free for his defence which creates an ironic circularity given the role of greek 'volunteers' in the capture of srebenica in the first place and the raising of the greek flag on the town shortly before the massacre
bob said…
On the Greek dimension: Marko at Greater Surbiton is also good on this. See here.

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