Boris and his lies

Neil Harding: Politically incorrect means lying Tories. Extract:
Boris had all the press telling us about Ken's cronies - the truth, even a kangaroo court of Tories (costing £500,000) found nothing corrupt and Boris then goes and starts wasting money left, right and centre - giving £7m to Venezuala to scrap the half price travel for the poor, giving £125,000 to a 'headhunting' agency when Boris is supposed to do the recruiting, giving £400,000 to Porsche, £1.2m to employees sacked for no good reason, £120,000 jobs to a host of dodgy deputies he has to immediately sack (no doubt on good severance terms) and £126,000 jobs to people who donated to his political campaign (and still Tory Brian Coleman continues to run up £10,000 taxi bills). Of course none of this is reported as cronyism!
Keywords: Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone


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