A post for Flag Day...

Patriotic Communism
The lyrics of Paul Robeson's Ballad For Americans (found via Just another false alarm...) confirms Jogo's point, made in this post, that there was once a time when American Communists bought in to the American narrative. (See also Who is the Greatest American?)

What is democracy?
"Honest and earnest criticism from those whose interests are most nearly touched,--criticism of writers by readers, of government by those governed, of leaders by the led,--this is the soul of democracy and the safeguard of modern society." -- W. E. B. DuBois, "Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others," from Souls of Black Folk (From Mode for Caleb.)

Dean pandering to political correctness and non-white ressentiment again
Christian and Democrat Deborah White says that DNC Chairman Howard Dean's claim that the Republican party is "pretty much a white, Christian party" is insulting to those, like her, who feel that the Democrats better represent Jesus' ideals. (Reached via Better Living: Thoughts from Mark Daniels.)