Don't trust anyone, not even us

Don't trust anyone, not even us | B92 discussion | Variant 22: "Much lauded by the west’s liberal-left, Radio B92 was the former Yugoslavia’s premier underground radio station in Belgrade under the rule of Slobodan Milosevic and the wars in the Balkans. Treated as traitors and subversives during this period, they were repeatedly forced off the airwaves by the government, but managed to keep broadcasting until Milosevic was overthrown. "

notes on deconstructing Ireland's Whiteness | Suzanna Chan | Variant 22: "“Are the Irish Black?” Bill Rolston asks in his eponymous essay, and proposes that so long as they identify as anti-colonial, the answer might be ‘yes’."

Extracting the Michael | Tom Jennings | Variant 21: "This discussion of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 refuses simple distinctions between serious document and entertainment in assessing how the film can be seen as a wind-up. “Is Moore taking the piss, pissing in the wind, or just full of piss and wind?”"