Zimbabwe: Enough is Enough

Want to read the stories behind Kofi Annan's trip to Zimbabwe, Mugabe's war on the favelas or the hunger-striking asylum seekers?

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Sokwanele - Zvakwana - Enough is Enough: Civic Action Support Group, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Democracy Trust

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Hmmm Zimbabwe. Been independent for over twenty years.

No Oil.

Previously "Bread Basket" of southern African states, now just a Basket case.

Agricultural sector run succesfully by white farmers for years devolved into big allotment site to buy of Mugabe supporters who know bugger all about modern agriculture.

People in Zimbabwe who dont support wicked old brute in charge starving.A new potentional Pol Pot with Kmher Rouge in absolute power.

Mugabe screams racism / colonialism whenever UK/US/European types suggest that he is murderous brutal scumball.Therefore "The West" does nothing as it is run by a bunch of liberal hand wringing gutless twonks.T. Blair correctly fears that if Zimbabweans are given free entry to UK a million could be here by Christmas; not only lager swilling neo-nazis will be horrified and frightened and marching on the streets.This would also be wonderful for Mugabe - an entire country full of ZANU robots with no opposition.

South African President T. Mbeki does bugger all (South African/Zimbabwe border area going through a bit of an economic boom - v nice).
Pro Democracy campaigners take opportunity to do moonlight flit to live life of riley whilst Joe Ordinary in Zimbabwe is terrorised. Unwillingness by anti Mugabe people to actually arm themselves and overthrow regieme. Life too good in comfortable detention centre in UK.

We must have buckets of sympathy with Zimbabwean citizens - hope they rise up and follow the Romanians in killing brutal demented dictator.This cannot include decamping millions of Zimbabweans here to UK.
However let the asylum seekers starve or return to Zimbabwe to kill Mugabe or die trying. If they return we should arm them to the teeth.

Thats how they will free themselves from a dictatorship - see English Civil War, French Revolution, Irish Easter Uprising , Russian Revolution, American Civil War, American War of Independence , and oooh yes Zimbabwe pre 1980.
I guess you read my mustard on the Zimbabwe thing (my mustard German expression, equals my version)

bob said…
Direct link to Daniel's page: Daniels Counter Blog of A Jewish Something Kind: Zimbabwe. Is UK slightly obsessed with it?

I think Mugabe is a "murderous brutal scumball" (Harry's words), if not a new Pol Pot (the Cambodian genocide makes today's Zimbabwe look like a walk in the park).

But I think Daniel is right: there are plenty of other murderous brutal scumballs out there, why focus on Zimbabwe? It is because of Britain's peculiar colonial history.