Zimbabwe: Enough is Enough

Want to read the stories behind Kofi Annan's trip to Zimbabwe, Mugabe's war on the favelas or the hunger-striking asylum seekers?

Then visit:

Sokwanele - Zvakwana - Enough is Enough: Civic Action Support Group, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Democracy Trust

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I guess you read my mustard on the Zimbabwe thing (my mustard German expression, equals my version)

bob said…
Direct link to Daniel's page: Daniels Counter Blog of A Jewish Something Kind: Zimbabwe. Is UK slightly obsessed with it?

I think Mugabe is a "murderous brutal scumball" (Harry's words), if not a new Pol Pot (the Cambodian genocide makes today's Zimbabwe look like a walk in the park).

But I think Daniel is right: there are plenty of other murderous brutal scumballs out there, why focus on Zimbabwe? It is because of Britain's peculiar colonial history.

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