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A while back, Tim Blair gave this good example of the kind of stupid anti-Americanism that has taken hold of huge amounts of the left, in Europe adn in American itself. One of my aims in this blog is to combat this trend in my very small way. Here are some weapons in that struggle.

American Music
Just listening to Charlie Gillet's radio show and he's playing a lovely track by Texan chanteuse Tish Hinojosa . Meanwhile, Normblog has been posting on country music: Music country, George Jones's lawnmower, Music meme.

Onward, Moderate Christian Soldiers

John Danforth's op-ed in the NYT calling on moderate Christians to get it together -
read the full text and blog debate here.

A real American
Jogo writes:
A woman -- 23 years old, almost a girl -- Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester of the 617th Military Police Company, a National Guard unit out of Richmond, Ky. She just was awarded the Silver Star, along with two other members of her unit, Staff Sgt. Timothy Nein and Spc. Jason Mike, for their actions during an enemy ambush on their convoy. She is the first woman since WW2 to be given the Silver Star.

According to defenselink.mil, Hester's squad was shadowing a supply convoy March 20 when anti-Iraqi fighters ambushed the convoy. The squad moved to the side of the road, flanking the insurgents and cutting off their escape route. Hester led her team through the "kill zone" and into a flanking position, where she assaulted a trench line with grenades and M203 grenade-launcher rounds. She and Nein, her squad leader, then cleared two trenches, at which time she killed three insurgents with her rifle.

When the fight was over, 27 insurgents were dead, six were wounded, and one was captured.

Leigh Ann Hester was born in Kentucky -- not a surprise. A world of deeply installed qualities and values separates her from the spoiled, spineless twits sitting in Peace Studies classrooms in Evergreen College, being indoctrinated (raped, basically) by contemptible terror-loving professors who despise what Leigh Ann Hester stands for.

Anti-Americanism is a disease. It has always been around, but today it is spectacularly virulent. I suppose one of the reasons I am so pro-American is because I recognize this disease as a disease, and I am able to see its transmission patterns.

Is this not madness?

Anti-Americanism -- of the sort the average nutty European is infected with -- is not a set of rational critical positions. You could all it an analysis, a sort of Grand Analysis. I think it's more like a THEORY -- a unified field theory, an explanation of everything. It is a disease. a mental and emotional disorder. It is almost on the level of a spiritual concept.

Thus Ward Churchill exhibits the affect and style not of a scholar, but a preacher.

UPDATE: This post is logged at the anti-Ward Churchilll site Pirate Ballerina

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US Foreign Policy, US Environmetal Policy, US super ethnics inlcuding:
- US Neo Nazis
- Black Secularism
- US Jews who move to West Bank...

US Right-Wing Christians and Abortion, US Minority Rights (hard fought for), US Medical progress, US Poverty, San Francisco, New York Chicago and Gay Power, New York and Miami and Jew Power
Miami and Cuban Right, Hollywood, World Largest Pornographic Industry
US X-Sport like Cool! Boob Job, Bose Job, Viagara and Sex at 80, Hawai T-Shirts, Harleys, VWs and Hummers, Credit Cards, LA and Guns
LA and pogressive environmentalism
USA academic florishing, capital punishment, Black imprisonment, Liberalism, ... to be continued by another reader...
Anonymous said…

I didn't read all the blogscussion on Danforth, but in the little I did read I was struck by the critical standards that some intelligent Christians brought to Danforth's remarks. Atheistic liberals, who believe in nothing -- least of all the Bible -- find it comforting to be told that Jesus was all about "love," and the redistribution of wealth, and similar crap. This is the simplistic tool they use to undermine the ideas of the people who actually do read the Bible and know what's in it. Jesus = Love is the Liberal's version of a Higher Truth.

Jesus was not Emma Goldman. He was not Joe Hill. Woody Guthrie's famous song about "Jesus Christ" (thrillingly done by U-2, by the way) is not in any sense a correct version of the authentic Gospel.

Just because a person doesn't like Bush's Jesus doesn't give him the authority to posit his Jesus as the alternative. A person who claims to be intelligent on such an important matter really ought to be familiar with primary texts and know what he or she is talking about.

Yesterday, lunching downtown with my very sharp nephew, we got onto one of my favorite subjects -- the spiritual emptiness of modern Reform Jews, the factor that most accounts for their inability to understand anyone else's religion in religious terms .... be it the religion of al-Aqsa Brigade or Pat Robertson.

My nephew had never in his life heard that "God so loved the World that he gave his Only Begotten Son ... etc." This cornerstone of Western Civilization -- this image-cluster in the minds of Bach, Michelangelo, Dante and Tintoretto -- was completely unknown to him. Yet he could tell you plenty about "abortion" and "stem cells."

Does this say anything about the meaning of the words "culture" and "education" in the typical liberal Jewish home? I think it speaks volumes. What do you think?


Daniel Z:

I understand your concept "super ethnics" ... but ... I would like to know
* do you think "US neo-Nazis" consititute a serious element worth talking about?
* what is "US black secularism" ?

US Jews who move to West Bank. Yes, these are super-ethnics and they constitute a serious element worth talking about. And of course the general subject "Super Ethnic" is fascinating and VERY important to talk about.


US = "World's Largest Pornographic Industry?" Well, I didn't know this. What do you think is morally more grave -- the dollar value of the American Pornographic Industry (API) ... or the Slavery Factor in the smaller pornographic industries of Russia, Thailand and Brazil?

The main engine that drives the API bottom line into the $hundreds of millions (or whatever number it is) is the commodified "adult film industry" of Los Angeles. Personally, I think it's disgusting -- the more so for being totally commodified -- but it is fundamentally not coercive. Whereas in other parts of the world there are actual slavery scenarios being filmed for people's enjoyment. You have to look INTO things, not AT things, in order to figure this out. You have to be a forensic image-critic, so to speak.


Viagra and Sex at 80. If you're implying that you have a problem with this ... well, I agree with you. I think, at 80, people should be doing all sorts of loving things with each other. But actual Plunging Shouting Sex using blood-engorged hard penises? No, this is not what 80-year-old people should be doing, nor even thinking about. Thank God, say I, for the diminution of the sexual drive that comes with age.

Neverthess, I think Viagra is overall a good thing. I think it probably does much good ... considered in a continuum of its use in society.


Guns. I am thinking about getting a 40mm Glock and a Mossberg Police Riot Shotgun ... just to have around, you know. In America there is no problem owning these things. Do you have any word of advice for me?


Of course, when I used to be reflexively Left, I hated the Cuban Right. Yes, there was a very nasty edge to that community, and they were complicit in a lot of bad stuff. Maybe still are. But now I think they were onto something, and I think the Left should have honored them somewhat more, and tried to understand their feelings. They were not all a bunch of fascists. The Left has ALWAYS ALWAYS had a problem with anti-Marxist democratic strivings, whether at City College in NY in the 30s, or Hungarian patriots in 1956. Believe me, Daniel, I know this first-hand, not from books.

And now, today ... when you look at what this Cuban community has accomplished -- the unbelievable energy it has created -- the power and diversity of the transformation it has wrought in the US -- its cultural dynamism -- well, there is something wonderful about these people, Daniel Z.

Maybe the Left has to understand that on an instinctive, organismic (Reich's word?) basis (i.e., not an intellectual basis) certain kinds of people can see [are able to en-vision] the stultifying potential of collectivist thinking. They see this from far off, the way you see a freight train coming. Or "feel" it coming.

Anonymous said…
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