Universally Translated: pimp, skinhead or cockney

I've been playing a little with the universal translator at Psyclops.

Here's two web recommendations from this site translated into Pimp : "CHE SUCKS - sodomizin' da sacred cows of da Left. Free Biscet! Freedom 'n human rights fo Dr, man. Oscar Elias Biscet in Cuba."

Here's an extract in Skinhead: " Der fookin' Joy o' Curmudgeonry informs us o' a fookin' new report findin' Britain der fook is "Hideously White", naw shittin' ya! " (I'm not so convinced by the linguistics of that - looks like a bad American idea of our fair British tongue.)

And, even more questionable, this is an extract in Cockney Rhyming Slang: "Indigo Jo has a thoughtful discussion of the anti-leftist leftists (e.g. Harry) on 'travel snobs' and specifically on hey diddle diddle bottle and glass lefties visitin' Cuba."

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