Well with buck shot eyes and a purple heart I rolled down the national stroll and with a big fat paycheck strapped to my hip sack...

(This post could, with license, be read as a footnote to this one: Let's Bomb Texas.)

I just found a truly great resource - a Tom Waits lyrics dictionary. Here's some extracts:
Ben Frank's was a very popular diner on the Sunset Strip. Around 1995, it was closed down, and a few months later, remodeled and opened as "Mel's drive-in". It is still quite popular.
Church key: a slang term for an can/bottle opener, used to open up cans of beer (pre-zip top), and bottles (pre-twist off cap)
Four sheets to the wind: Synonymous with the phrase "Three Sheets to the Wind".
'Making feet for children shoes': slang that means to have sex.

Tom Waits' latest: Real Gone // Kill Your Idols


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