Chomsky and Israel

From diary of an anti-chomskyite, a link to this article by Jeffrey Blankfort in Left Curve, criticising Chomsky for being too soft on Israel. Chomsky, apparently, is a powerful critic of sanctions or boycotts or divestment of Israel, and strongly rejects the characterization of Israel as an apartheid state.

I also found this article by Blankfort on the same subject, continuing the theme that Chomsky is insufficiently anti-Zionist. In that same issue of Left Curve are two poems about suicide bombers: this one by Jon Hillson, which I quite like, and this one, by Ronald Jones, which is best described as fucking sick.

[Thanks to Jogo for alerting me to Anti-Chomsky. I have put it in my sidebar, where the never updated ChomskyWatch used to be.]


On the topic of Left Curve, issue 23 carries a poem by the great poet Ken Smith, who has sadly since left this earth. I also recommend this interview with Agnes Heller and this enjoyably ultra-leftist attack by John Hutnyk on the happily now defunct band Kula Shaker .


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Trinketization said…
Hi Bob

Took a while to find this, but hey, thanks. Left Curve has more now too...


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