Let's bomb Texas II

First, check out the comments, including by Jogo, at the end of the previous post on this topic. Now, here's some more.

Mugwumps look West

Keller Says 'N.Y. Times' Must Look Beyond Its Urban, Liberal Base:
"In a lengthy memo published on the newspaper's Web site, Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, announced several new policies in response to a recent report by the paper's Credibility Committee. Among them is a fresh attempt to diversify the Times' staff and viewpoints, and not in the usual racial or gender ways, but in political, religious and cultural areas as well.

The aim, he wrote, is 'to stretch beyond our predominantly urban, culturally liberal orientation, to cover the full range of our national conversation.' "

Glories Strung Like Beads
Alan Johnson at normblog on why he loves America. It begins:
I love watching the arc of the ball when Jorge Posada throws out the runner at second: beautiful curves in the Yankee floodlights.

I love listening to Jimmy Hamilton's and Harry Carney's clarinets as they talk low to Claude Jones's trombone in The Duke's song 'Fugueaditty' (which will be played at my funeral).

I love reading the essays of Irving Howe ('a utopia for the sober, a utopia for unyielding democrats who still want to say that dignity is the opposite of humiliation').

Redneck Funk

Today, I have mostly been listening to Country Got Soul, compiled by Jeb Loy Nichols. [Amazon link]

And I'd quite like to listen to the Hillbilly Boogie Box Set: "This has to be the most comprehensive, glorious, and flat-out ass-kicking country (hillbilly) boogie collection ever assembled." (Found via Scott McLemee.) [Amazon link]

BobFromBrockley: Let's Bomb Texas 1


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