1984 The Ministry of Reshelving

Subversive Book Group Brings the Revolution to a Bookstore Near You:
"If you walk into your local bookstore looking for a copy of George Orwell’s 1984, you may just happen upon a cryptic note in its place from a group called The Ministry of Reshelving.

Though they may sound like a gang of vigilante librarians, the Ministry, which was founded only 12 days ago, is in fact made up of people looking to make a sly political statement in a playful way. Their goal is to generate discussion and thought about the oppressive nature of the current United States presidential administration by moving 1,984 copies of George Orwell’s novel, 1984—the classic cautionary tale of “Big Brother,” an authoritarian government that rules by invasively monitoring its citizens—from its usual spot in the fiction section of bookstores to somewhere more “fitting,” like “Current Affairs” "
Check out the photos at the Ministry's Flickr blog, such as this nice one ("True Crime") and the one I've put in this post (The blue book is called "Finding George Orwell in Burma", and the handwritten white card below it reads, "George Orwell is alive and well. 1984 comes true in Burma. Is there anyone who cares?").




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