Bagels and Bongos

From jogo, a wonderful website: REBOOT STEREOPHONIC ("Reboot Stereophonic is a non-profit record label dedicated to digging through the crates of the Jewish past and rescuing forgotten gems to tell new, unexpected stories. Sure the Lomaxes searched the South for a dying breed of Delta Blues Delta musicians. Sure Ry Cooder hit Havana in search of lost Cuban legends. But when's the last time a bunch of Jewish kids started raiding their grandparents' record collections and then set out to track down the musicians, in search of buried clues about their own culture?")

Mexican Institute of Sound remix Irving Fields (MP3)

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laurie01 said…
Bongos is an instrument that you'd really love to play, the music produced by it is really beautiful.How I wish I also know how to play bongos.